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Global Age Coaching

Today's Master Coaches, in order to cope with the jambalaya of things, must deal with global age knowledge, thinking, and execution

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A world-class baseball coach met with a high-profile wrestling coach and an award-winning ballroom dancing instructor and met in one of the conference rooms located on the ground floor of the Olympic headquarters in Switzerland. The meeting agenda item-was to set up brand new rules introducing baseball for the next Olympics. A new style of baseball game, where the player after hitting the ball waltzes in tuxedo to the first base and wrestles the fielder to the ground and only when the live orchestra changes the music tempo demonstrates fantasy foot work across the diamond to reach home base. More similar changes to other major games like 'figure skating and water polo,' where while skating on thin ice and executing each triple spin jump lands the skater into the underwater polo pool. Also consider 'alpine skiing with ice hockey,' no penalty slaloms, freestyle chasing the puck.

Wait a minute, no need to jump or get excited, here?

This is exactly what's happening in the business world on a daily basis. The corporate games basically no longer have rules or boundaries. Today it's all about dealer's choice and anyone can mix anything, anytime and often without the judgment of a referee. Every market sector now has hundreds of once great corporate structures, award winning business models with established practices thrown into open mix and match arenas. Something way ahead of 'internet of things' it is more like a 'jambalaya of things' a state where global skills are tested and winners and losers created. In this arena even gold medalist Olympians would dread to enter. The chaos is in and here is the reality check.

Today's Master Coaches, in order to cope with the jambalaya of things, must deal with global age knowledge, thinking, and execution. The world has already moved on and will not wait for anyone. Not only have they moved on, but they have moved on in ways that were unthinkable yesterday. The problems are now almost incurable and it's time for a complete metamorphisms. It is time for giant changes and mega mental leaps.

In order to understand this concept, we must first understand the collapse of the next industrial revolution.

Now that all the brilliance of the World Economic Forum - 2016 in Davos, themed as The Fourth Industrial Revolution, has been fully captured, streamed and indexed, it's now time to find a revolt. The 'Big Question' that was never asked-- was it really about the mastery of the Fourth Industrial Revolution or a politically correct murmuring of a long overdue collapse of industrialized centricity itself?

The term 'Industrial' links us with a past century. The Industrial Revolution blossomed during both of the two World Wars. Is it now seeking a new posture amongst collapsing economies? Or is it possibly a precursor towards the lingering clouds of a new type of Third World War? The concept conjures pictures of massive robotized-army-divisions, drone-swarm missions and constantly agile armies of cyber warfare hackers. This is not where the world should be headed. This is not a Fourth Industrial Revolution. On the other hand, The Third Industrial Revolution, a thought well prophesied by Jeremy Rifkin in his book by the same title in 2011 is still very, very far away.

At this point of time, humankind is not trapped in a sequential array of industrialized stacked chimneys and ghettos where we are dragged us into 4th, 5th and 6th revolutions, and we are certainly not advancing towards the "50th Copper Age" or "70th Bronze age"; we are simply being liberated into a brand new "Global Age".

Let's explore the gradual arrival of this new 'Global Age'

It is when the majorities of the global populous recognizes the same identical problems all over the world and seek globally workable answers. It is when the majority of minds connect together to stop mankind abuse. It is essential to realize that the secrets of the global age are hidden within the 5 billion online connected people called "alpha dreamers"; these are the new global age thinkers of the world and they are the new dream weavers of mankind.

Dreams lay the foundations for building realities

What are the other major new global age influences?

A Crossroad: The world is at a crossroad; one way leads towards dark fog and confusion, while the other leads to bright sunshine and clarity. It seems obvious that the path leading to sunshine and clarity is the one we should take; however, it is not an easy choice. Because it isn't easy, it seems that we are more determined to chase the dark fog and confusion. To change directions, we need to ask why we continually take the wrong path. The road to sunshine, the road to clarity and prosperity is so wide open.

A Divided World: One half of the business world leaders are always winning as they are always playing by the new rules - the other half of the business world leaders are always losing and are not even aware that such rules exist. Open any old thick, glossy trade magazine and the proof is right there.

The Age of Curiosity:
The human and commercial development was at a curious stage, every shiny thing meant immediate success. Over time these notions got commercialized
The Age of Scarcity: Last century, whatever you produced, with some spotlighting, would work wonders, and hard work guaranteed successful.

The Age of Abundance: We now live in the age of abundance, whatever you produce, there are already thousands of others similar or better ideas and nothing seems to work; the best ideas are stuck and collecting dust.

The Technocalamity: When the tsunami of free technologies makes organizations look increasingly outdated, the same tsunamis can quadruple exports, innovative excellence and catapult these thoughts into image supremacy...this results in technocalamity, a new global age phenomena. On one side it pushes emotional and physical capacity of leaders to its limits; on other, it gives awesome power to create wire-framed clarity to those capable of understanding global age wisdom and execution.

A New Global Age of Image Supremacy: A new age is upon us. Without image supremacy of innovation, excellence and performance, ideas are often already dead on arrival. A massive realignment is required to configure new age skills and new thought leadership. To survive in business 'extreme value creation' and 'extreme image generation' skills must be present at all times.

Global Age Coaching

The right coaches transform leaders into new global age thinker and executioner because it's more about development of mental capabilities to deal with issues of technocalamity and not just the coaching of regular skills. It is more about mental capacity building to upscale global age modeling over surviving with fears surrounded by robotized business economy.

The global age demands global age coaching.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

Naseem Javed

Naseem Javed, a corporate philosopher and founder of the Image Supremacy Movement is a world recognized authority on global digital trends, image complexities how they impact business performances and create global age skill shifts. Mentorian Worldwide his new project on entrepreneurial leadership development is getting global attention.

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