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Focus of Today's Designs Is On Novelty And Choice: Jayesh Ganesh, Edifice Consultants

Jayesh Ganesh, on behalf of Ravi Sarangan addressing BW Future of Design Conclave & Awards 2019 showcased the design ideology that Edifice works with. Here are the excerpts:

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Jayesh began his presentation by saying, We are already living in the future where traditional workspaces have turned new-age. There is a lot of importance being given to various activities that happen during the daily life of people, which has led to a lot of scope for activity-based workspaces. Also in today's design, there is a strong focus on both interior and exterior landscape bringing a need for biophilia thus giving importance to art, nature elements, ethnographic insights while designing the workspaces."

Jayesh further stated, "In a sense, today's workspaces are very different than those designed a decade ago. A lot of focus in today's designs is on novelty and choice, which brings dynamism to workspaces. With high-end technology and equipment like cameras, sensors to gather data and information on utilisation of spaces, analysing innovations, operations and efficiency of the work premises, we are focusing on futuristic workspaces."

"The essential components in designing a workplace are, the idea of contemplation, the idea of responding to a context as creating a feeling of gravitas in our designs and the sense of collaboration while everything is open and interrelated," added Jayesh.

Talking about the transformation in the idea of how workspaces were conceived and the change that has taken place," There been a transformation in the idea of workplaces from cubicle culture to open spaces, which is a way to look each other, and appreciate the work of our colleagues. As per reports, the open office culture is very effective in increasing efficiency of organisations. We have designed diverse zones from open spaces to concentrated quiet zones for people to have discussions, also there is a mix of work stations where people can relax.

Jayesh threw light on certain anthropological ideas about who humans are " In groups of 16-20 we find more intimacy and closeness among people, while a group larger than that has a lot of noise."

Presenting a case study Jayesh said," one of our projects was a startup company which was a mobile app that converts news articles into 60 words or less, founded by IIT dropouts who used to miss home. They wanted us to design an office which was like home. So we designed the cafeteria like a dining area, the meeting rooms had a collection of shelves that each employee decorated with a thing of value from their childhood, so the office became a collection of memories."

Jayesh concluded by talking about the novelty in designs the their company brings "We are trying to create something which is unique and is not standardised. So in our designs, there is a lot of focus on stories of people the office culture. We work with experts to bring in real breathing plants in to the workspaces. Since a plant-like money plant gives a space such a refreshing look, imagine what plants placed at various galleries and open spaces will do to a workspace."