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Experience The Ancient Art Of Living A Healthy And Natural Life With BIOAYURVEDA

Harbeen Arora, Founder, BIOAYURVEDA enlightens the world about the concept of wellness, holistic health and natural healing of body, mind and soul, which the brand bestows with its exhaustive range of products, in conversation with BW Businessworld

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The global health & wellness brand BIOAYURVEDA translates the abiding awareness and knowledge of Ayurveda into our daily lives. Harbeen Arora, Founder, BIOAYURVEDA enlightens the world about the concept of wellness, holistic health and natural healing of body, mind and soul, which the brand bestows with its exhaustive range of products, in conversation with Priyaankaa Mathur. Here are some excerpts:

What is your idea of wellness?

Wellness is about feeling comfortable in your own skin in harmony with your own vital spirit and nature. Wellness comes from a state of flow within; a coming together of self-awareness, sense of balance, and the pursuit of one’s calling. Wellness encompasses the holistic gamut of the health of the body, mind, and spirit. 

What is the USP of your product range?

We are fostering universal ecosystems of wellness for greater access to organic lifestyle and ability to live with wellness. We offer for holistic health and natural healing, a wide range of herbal SUPPLEMENTS that can help prevent a range of health concerns; and organic skincare and personal care range with zero synthetics and chemicals for addressing everyday skin issues with healing and therapeutic formulae (SKIN + SOIN), as well as everyday wellness where you can replace your groceries with conscious and organic options (SUPERMARKET) including sports and protein nutrition. We are committed to the greater framework of sustainable living and conscious lifestyles with the aim of herbal healing, wellness within, robust vitality and luxurious wholesomeness. 

Could you highlight on the experiential side of your products?

We have had by now hundreds of women and men trying out our products, as we are the preferred Wellness Partner for many organisations and events. The feedback has been heartening. Women and men love the skin and personal care range, as they can literally feel the purity and naturalness, and the magic of the formulations. For instance, our Ultra Healing Foot Creme is a universal favourite as the Turmeric in it gives it tremendous healing ability to remedy cracked heels. Likewise, our Supplements too have been received well. Our Protein Booster blends are fortified with herbs for vitality and are offered in vegan and gluten-free varieties. We have over 120 products and are ever-evolving with new offerings. 

Importantly, we also share our ingredients and formulae of our compositions on our labels and websites, as for us the universal knowledge of Ayurveda is humanity’s heritage and should be accessible to all. We also believe it’s important for the customer to know their product. Transparency and trust are core values for us. 

Please describe more about the processes through which your anti-ageing and natural products are manufactured, elaborating on the natural nutrients and therapeutic properties.

All the natural organic medicinal herbs, plants, flowers, oils are sourced from the best suppliers and producers across the world including Europe, Morocco, Tunisia and of course India. Like tea leaves or cocoa beans, the quality of the produce and the ingredients have a huge effect on the end product. Each of the herbs, medicinal plants, and essential oils has therapeutic properties. With our research over the past years added to the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, we have successfully created unique combinations and effective formulations for the support and therapeutic healing of many common concerns related to our body and its functioning. Our products are made in a high pharmacy grade quality facility. 

Who are your target clients and what products do you have for different age groups?

Our clients are across all age groups as health and wellness today is a concern for all especially since today we are all living in a rather stressful environment, with a rise in pollution and allergens. In our skincare range, we have choices for all, from children to the elderly. For our supplements, we have again differentiated offerings that would suit different age groups and concomitant needs.   

Could you elaborate on the exceptional range of conscious products for the spirit and skin? Do you also provide therapeutic treatments?

For instance, we have a range of therapeutic balms for addressing common concerns like headaches, cold and flu, back pain, joint pains. The herbal botanical blends provide quick relief in the case for overall wellness curbing, not just the main pain point, but also the attendant issues like anxiety, stress, weak circulation. In Ayurveda, the perspective is always holistic and conscious, which also translates into our versatile products. Likewise, our supplements come for cholesterol balance, heart health, anti-ageing etc. 

What is the current market size of the wellness industry and especially Ayurvedic products, where do you see it growing?

When taken as a whole including the pharma industry, wellness covers a few trillion dollars worth. The natural organic wellness segment is the fastest growing sector in the world as everyone today is moving back towards natural, chemicals free healing. 

Would you like to share some numbers of your current business size? Where do you see BIOAYURVEDA reaching 5 years down the line, what are your growth plans?

We have just entered the market but have already created quite a stir, as it’s what the market has been waiting for. With divine grace and love of customers, we see ourselves as over a few billion dollars worth sales and company, five years from now.  

Who are your top competitor brands and what makes your brand different?

We don’t have a serious competitor yet in our wide range of holistic wellness and organic products. However, in terms of related companies, we could refer to some in individual sectors - for Supplements and Sports Nutrition and Protein, say Holland & Barrett, Nature’s Bounty, Abbot; while for luxurious skincare, say Clinique. 

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