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Encourage, Lift & Support-Romail's Motto for a Progressive Society

Gulzar received scorn from those who believed people like him were encroaching upon natives' land and resources. But he fought and endured the tough times to reach his existing position.

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Diversity has become a common topic of discussion worldwide. In recent years, people have become more aware of the seriousness of the issue and are making every possible effort to accept, learn and adopt diversity. Romail Gulzar, a journalist by profession, is an adamant voice for highlighting diversity in society.

Being a UK national, Romail Gulzar is a passionate journalist and an activist who cares for people of colour. Initially, he too faced struggles setting up his career and finding his path in a foreign country, but gradually as time passed, he mustered his courage and confidence and began leading the life he desired.

Taking a Look Behind

Gulzar comes from Lahore, Pakistan. Born on December 17th, the young boy felt and experienced a few things that led him to the conclusion that his homeland constricted his growth prospects. The stigma associated with his faith discouraged him from becoming a part of his surroundings. He was treated as a second-class citizen, which made him feel inadequate and incapable of attaining anything in life.

The desire to achieve greater things in life burned fiercely as he decided to make a shift. Romail chose Dubai as his abode. Unfortunately, his living conditions did not improve there as some of his past traumas followed him. Injustice and unfair treatment were something that always bothered Romail, and he was unable to find them in the Gulf States either. Seeking better opportunities and a lifestyle, Gulzar decided to seek asylum in the British Isles. In 2000, he moved to the United Kingdom and was finally granted official refugee status.

As a foreigner in a developed country, Gulzar faced a lack of financial resources and resorted to odd jobs to make ends meet. Being a refugee, 

Gulzar received scorn from those who believed people like him were encroaching upon natives' land and resources. But he fought and endured the tough times to reach his existing position.

Imagine. Believe. Achieve.

Having suffered and lived a hard time in his homeland and the UK, Romail Gulzar determined to establish and create strong grounds for refugees and immigrants coming from abroad. He aimed to stir a change within the existing communities and broaden their horizons to be more welcoming and accepting towards the people of colour.

Romail Gulzar played a vital role in highlighting the immigrant community through consistent efforts. He launched a Christian Charity project called the "Pukaar Project Southampton." This platform focused primarily on art and aimed to bridge the gap between different ethnic groups and foster cultural diversity through it. Being the guiding light of the project, Gulzaar frequently organized curry evenings, musical workshops, and band performances. Unfortunately, due to a lack of funding and resources, the charity had to be closed later.

Leveraging the ever-growing and prospering media, Romail decided to take matters into his own hands. He wanted to shed light on his community and make an effort to push forward the talent they possessed. Despite his interest, he did not have the requisite skills to begin a newspaper or magazine. So, he enrolled in South Leicestershire College and took courses that enhanced his English language skills and instilled in him several valuable skills.

During his time at college, Romail laid the foundation for his news agency called "Pukaar News," a news agency based in the Midlands and headquartered in the heart of Leicester's Cultural Quarter. Pukaar News provided local and international news to television channels worldwide and covered news, including stories from the UK, Europe, India, and Pakistan. Since its inception, it has played an instrumental role in improving young people's knowledge of current affairs. In the same time period, Romail also acquired a degree in Film Journalism from the Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT) in India.

Gulzar's endeavours did not end here; instead, he came up with interesting ideas to uplift his community and establish its identity. Inspired by famous Britain's Got Talent, Gulzar initiated a small project called Leicester's Got talent. This project encouraged and celebrated the gifted of youth in Leicester. The success of the first competition motivated him to make it a yearly program. The competition is currently in its eighth year and has seen previous winners go on to further success.

Eager to discover more talent and proudly represent his culture and diversity, Romail started local culinary awards and competitions. He began with Leicester Curry Awards and Toronto Curry Awards – two prestigious events celebrating the vibrant Asian food culture. The success of these events inspired Romail's next venture, National Samosa Week, which gained global press coverage and successfully encouraged the celebration of the all-time favourite Pakistani and Indian snack.

The eminent triumph of all of his support ventures kept motivating his dynamic personality to open new doors of opportunities for the youngsters. He then established the Ethnic Media Awards - a flagship awards program for professionals from a minority ethnic background.

A Well-Deserved Recognition

Establishing himself as a prominent personality in Asia and the UK alike, Romail Gulzar's services to the community have been recognized and appreciated. He is the recipient of the "Millenium Award Un l. LTD" (2005) and the "Recognition of Services to the Not-For-Profit Sector" award by then-Prime Minister Tony Blair.

His efforts for community work were acknowledged by Lord Mayor of Leicester in 2013 as he was given the "Outstanding Contribution Award." Romail has also received the "Award of Honor Pakistan Minorities Rights Organisation" in 2012 for representing Pakistani Christians in the UK as a media representative.

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