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Dr. Pooja M Discusses How Customization Is The New Way To Embrace Hidden Curves

Dr. Pooja is revolutionising the fashion industry through her size inclusive fashion brand PowerSutra

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As the clothing industry continues to revolutionize rapidly, brands have started understanding the need for a powerful representation in the boardrooms. There is no doubt that in recent years corporate wear clothing and customization have been the most talked about topics of discussion. The rapid surge in the bespoke corporate wear attires has accelerated due to the shift in the mindset of the customers. The era has changed, and today women are reconsidering the true definition of fashion and challenging the ordinary norms that confine them to certain boundaries. Considering this, Dr. Pooja M has founded PowerSutra, a women's apparel brand that caters to women of all shapes and sizes.  

The brand offers sustainable and affordable fashion solutions for professional women of all sizes from XXS to 15XL, enabling them to manage their styles and deadlines together. Sharing her perspective on the ever-changing clothing industry, Dr. Pooja M has recently presented her thoughts in an interview. Below is the representation of what the leader thinks about the fashion industry.

1. How is the size-inclusive fashion industry propelling forward?

The size-inclusive fashion industry is making its way to the top, with people becoming more attentive to their personal styles. Over the years, the push for more sustainability in fashion has echoed the body positivity movement in its approach to bringing impactful and long-lasting changes. Every woman loves to accentuate their features with clothing that perfectly fits their body type. However, fashion often seems to be one of the industries currently lacking when it comes to diversity & inclusivity. Thus, to bridge this gap, I have established my own fashion apparel that offers bespoke clothing for the women's workforce, reinventing conventional formal fashion.

2. According to you, how PowerSutra shatter the stereotypes dwelling around body sizes?  

Clothing is one of the most important factors in bringing out your bold and confident self. In today's era, fashion is not just about pretty clothing; it's more about representation and inclusivity. I am aware of the preconceived notions about what women should look like and how they should dress, but PowerSutra believes that every woman is beautiful. Thus, the brand fabricates clothes that fit every body type and helps dispel the preconceived notion by balancing the body types proportionately. In addition, the brand offers a high degree of apparel customization and provides one-of-a-kind corporate wear and business casual attire.  

3. What excites you about the fashion industry, and how are you managing to rule the fashion world?  

Fashion is a form of self-expression, that requires one to don clothes that bring out their X–factor in front of the world. The revolution in the realm of fashion is the result of a recent upsurge in entrepreneurship. What excites me the most about the fashion industry is how it has the power to transform your entire personality and make you look phenomenal. Understanding the need of the hour, I am working round-the-clock to empower every woman to live a life of style. The brand PowerSutra aims to cater to a range of body sizes and covers the entire corporate spectrum- from Petite to Plus size body shapes.  

4. How is your brand different from other members of the fashion industry?

We are a size-inclusive brand catering to most petite sizes ranging from waist 21 to maximum waist 62 and above. As the fashion industry is expanding rapidly, notions like sustainable and customized clothing are topping the chart. Bringing customization to every woman's wardrobe, the brand has set a standard that only a few are able to achieve. PowerSutra is the only brand that offers the option of customization in pantsuits making the brand first-of-its-kind.  

5. What ideology does your brand follow, and how does fabric play an essential role in the clothing manufacturing process?

Everyone is unique in their own way and requires clothing that fits their body type. Therefore, I am working meticulously to bring stylish yet comfortable clothing at affordable prices. Different women's interpretations of empowerment are displayed in the attire and fashion choices they make. Hence, I believe and advise people to wear clothing that exudes confidence and comfort rather than hiding their curves. I personally feel what makes the brand exceptional is that the fabric quality is assured through a rigorous selection of materials. PowerSutra promotes sustainable fashion by persuading people to use natural fabrics like cotton, linen, etc.  

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