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DigiToads (Toads) Shatters Records With Explosive Presale Growth, Leaving Ethereum Classic (ETC) In The Dust

The rapid sell-out of the first four presale stages shows intense purchasing pressure, and the fifth stage now appears to follow a pattern that is quite similar

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Meme coins have become one of the most popular kinds of cryptocurrencies, with time. It is opening up opportunities for considerable return on investment. DigiToads is one of the meme coins that is expected to dominate the market. It is a highly anticipated presale token that is exceeding expectations. 

As the cryptocurrency market is seeing a bullish trend, investors are keen on capitalizing on the profit opportunities presented by the TOADS presale. Thus, it solidifies the position of DigiToads as a standout contender in the cryptocurrency landscape. 

DigiToads Helps You Earn Big ROI

According to experts, DigitToads is one of the top new ICOs introduced this year, primarily due to its unique blend of meme coin, stake-to-earn features, and play-to-earn features, which give investors significant ROI potential not just once it launched but also the presale period. 

The hybrid approach of the meme coin enables the users to explore diverse income streams and get financially empowered as they diversify their portfolios without buying different crypto tokens.

The native TOADs token serves as the base for all activities in the ecosystem, such as trading, participating in the DigiToads Web3 game, engaging in trading, and staking NFTs. 

It is presently in its Lilypad 5 stage in terms of presale. The meme coin has already raised more than $ 2.8 million. Now, the ERC20 token is priced at $0.024, with a majority of the stage’s allocation sold already. We should point out that early backers from the first presale stage have already doubled their investment. But there is still time to buy TOADS as the price will keep rising through its 10th and final presale round. 

Often, people go by the saying that something that appears to be too good to be true is possibly a scam, especially in the crypto space. Nevertheless, DigiToads appears to defy this notion since the project has stood the test of an edit, maintains loyalty and transparency, and has even obtained a listing agreement with BitMart, a popular centralized exchange. 

All these show that DigiToads is revolutionary. It is a utility-rich ecosystem and is one of the top altcoins that investors should watch out for. 

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Ethereum Classic Drops Below $20

Ethereum Classic has come from the original Ethereum Blockchain in 2016. The split happened due to disagreements about handling the aftermath of the DAO hack. Maintaining the original philosophy and code of Ethereum, ETC emphasized immutability and resisted changes to the history of blockchain. 

Initially, ETC had been seen as a prospective beneficiary of the Ethereum Merge, since it continued to operate using the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism. Thus, it is an easy alternative for miners. At the time of the merge, the Total Value Locked on ETC surged a little to $1.4 million. However, since then it has declined to just a few hundred thousand dollars. It seems like the post-merge anticipates failed to trigger sustained growth in the project. 

As a result, the DeFi cryptocurrency has fallen from the top twenty coins. It now ranks 25th on the list. At present, its price is about $19 with a cap of more than $2.5 billion, leaving all investors overwhelmed by how it is performing. 

Bottom Line

When it comes to cryptocurrency investments, the ROI potential is the main concern. They are constantly seeking to determine which is the ideal cryptocurrency to buy. Even though it is challenging to predict returns with great certainty, some cryptocurrencies offer a more dependable growth forecast. DigiToads is the ideal example that features a predetermined presale price schedule, which ensures an increase in the initial contributions of the investors. 

The rapid sell-out of the first four presale stages shows intense purchasing pressure, and the fifth stage now appears to follow a pattern that is quite similar. Thus, taking advantage of the recent low price and investing in it can lead you to earn significant profits in the future. 

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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