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CryptoChronic: Free To Earn & Fun To Learn

CryptoChronic strives to develop an immersive and engaging gameplay environment replete with multiple ways for a gamer to pursue their personal journey through the various layers of game design

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CryptoChronic is the free-to-play and play-to-earn, Cannabis-themed gaming metaverse where gamers make money while having fun and learning to master the world of NFTs. A multiplatform, casual videogame leveraging crypto technology to achieve a freemium P2E model, it is centred around blockchain-based, digital pet collectibles - Chronics, that you breed, nurture, and battle in Smoke-Offs against your friends. In addition to finally having fun, users benefit from the first truly free-to-earn model, highly competitive pricing, and depth of gameplay that adds and preserves value throughout their voyage.

The game is designed to appeal to both casual gamers and seasoned crypto enthusiasts, offering an engaging and educational experience for users of all backgrounds.

Unlike competitors, CryptoChronic strives to develop an immersive and engaging gameplay environment replete with multiple ways for a gamer to pursue their personal journey through the various layers of game design. Many NFT based games, to date, have sacrificed fun, depth and quality of gameplay instead relying on NFT speculation as the primary driver for attracting players. While CryptoChronic employs advanced economics and functionality to produce value appreciation and other benefits associated with crypto gaming, the main objective in developing the game itself is to make it fun and engaging. In other words, traditional users who are looking for an enjoyable experience and who have scarce interest (initially) in NFTs should find satisfaction in gameplay first and foremost, with collecting and other economic attributes providing secondary fulfillment. With their adult theme - Cannabis - expressly chosen to be close to the hearts of their target, slapstick canna-humor, and gorgeous, funky, groovy graphics by affirmed artist IvanArt, they put “fun” back at the center of the gaming experience.

However, to further compound the hurdles in acquiring a large-scale user base, and those relating to making it truly fun, is the ongoing misunderstanding of digital assets, blockchain, and associated technologies in the broader marketplace.  You cannot enjoy what you don’t understand, especially if your money is at stake! Despite the massive adoption of crypto-based assets by specific market segments and populations, these are often siloed within their own categories and are often composed of more generally tech and crypto savvy users (Web3 developers, experienced crypto traders, specific gaming regions/countries, and so on).   The traditional market at large still demonstrates an innate reluctance to participate as there still perpetuates a mistrust or misunderstanding (general unawareness) of how value appreciates and/or is retained; crypto associated technologies such as wallets, trading platforms, cold storage devices or otherwise; associated fees and other costs that come with accumulating and trading digital assets; long-term security associated with digital assets both because of extreme volatility in the trading marketplace, as well as the real and perceived threat of hacking or other digital theft.  For crypto gaming to achieve mainstream adoption and therefore scale, they contend that gaming platforms will need to streamline greatly the new users’ requisite familiarity, knowledge, and trust of crypto as an asset class, educate them in the process, and succeed primarily as an immersive gaming environment free from the frictions that keep traditional gamers out and effectively barricade crypto gamers in their own world.

This functionally and strategically implies a shift in focus from cryptocurrency to gamer.  In other words, by deemphasizing initially the digital asset and the cost/value associated, they will necessarily focus on immersive and exciting gameplay.   Therefore, by maximizing UX and gameplay they can attract users who will build long-term connections with the platform and with their digital pets and then convert them into digital investors who are further motivated by the ongoing value appreciation of their NFTs, rather than focusing on the “flippers” of digital assets who may participate briefly merely in the interest of quickly generating ROI and then exiting the space for other opportunities.  Structurally to accomplish this, they must first apply the freemium pricing model to crypto gaming.  They accomplish this by leveraging a private (proprietary) blockchain, which allows the deferral of the gas fees associated with minting NFTs until such time as the user chooses to mint their characters on the public blockchain.   This allows everyone to take part in gameplay and become immersed in the world of CryptoChronic before requiring any out-of-pocket expense from the gamer.  

The gamer, in fact, can evolve their Chronics on a voyage through separate, diverse, but integrated layers of gameplay before requiring any expense.   CryptoChronic therefore primarily eliminates the friction associated with the pay-to-play model while also providing significant gameplay experience for the user to build a consequential relationship with their pet thereby creating user stickiness before requiring investment. The intent is to create a 4 stage “journey” for the gamer, beginning on PC, going from acquisition through monetization, and then on to a mobile app (which integrates all gaming layers), with the additional goals of educating on and increasing appreciation for blockchain along the way. Throughout such a journey, readily available online, the Team at Chronic will disseminate various educational pop-ups and video tutorials, covering the basics and allowing the user to gradually understand and fully appreciate the wonders of Crypto, DeFi, and GameFi.

Having established itself as the first ecosystem enabling access to monetization without payment, CryptoChronic strives to not only bring the fun back into crypto gaming, but also into learning: free to earn, therefore, but also fun to learn! Whether you're a rookie or a seasoned crypto enthusiast, the game provides an engaging and educational experience that is both fun and rewarding. So why not give CryptoChronic a try and see what all the fuss is about?

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