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Counselors Use Innovative Techniques To Fetch New Age Careers

Using mobile devices, students can connect to any career counselors online and dig out information about prospective career options, writes Surabhi Dewra

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Using mobile devices, students can connect to any career counselors online and dig out information about prospective career options, writes Surabhi Dewra

As career is related to lifestyle and living it has much to do with personal choice, skills and self-satisfaction. However, in a country such as India, with a downtrodden economy in its backdrop, employment was inclined towards money more than anything else. Gradual progress of the nation and a dynamic shift of economic condition has enabled a class of people, primary the middle class to chase for careers such as IAS, Doctors and Engineers, not only because of money, but also because of the social prestige they incur. Career options in past decades were meager, and before that, in India, it was only the cup of tea for the handful of rich blue bloods.

Present times are quite different. Now, internet and mobile devices is getting the mass ready for the next boom. Information and access to technology have empowered commoners to a large extend. This has created massive opportunities for people in multiple sectors, such as business and education, offering better lifestyle. Side by side, niche domain such as career counseling has grown way ahead of their conventional stature leveraging technology.

In the domain of career counseling, proliferation of technology has brought multiple facets of improvement. Development of Information and Communication Technology has enabled comprehensive set of amenities in this sector. Career counselors are beginning to leverage technology offering several advantages through innovative means. Using mobile devices, students can connect to any career counselors online and dig out information about any prospective career option. Through these means, new age counselors have brought new paradigms of employment, which are oriented towards hobby and interests of students. Innovative usage of technology has enabled career counselors to evaluate interests of candidates and offer relevant opportunities that match their profiles.  

The recent trend of jobs and opportunities has brought dynamism in career options. Conventional ideas of jobs have become a sort of outdated concept. In addition, the advent of a new social order backed by information, opportunities and awareness have rendered a progressive attitude in social mindset. Even if the inclination of self-made values is still pertinent to some extent in the society, the attitude to job and employment has changed subtly. In fact, dignity of labor is an ingrained aspect of development. As economic as well as social structure of the nation is on a progressive mode, jobs with equal respect as well as remuneration based on skill and productivity is promised in current times. New Age career counseling has been acting as a potential fuel to propagate the set of utopian ideas to the generation. In changing the attitude of masses, the contribution of modern career counseling is substantial. The host of information they provide to students through various channels of communication has helped to motivate students for new career options.

The changing dynamics of business have brought massive opportunities. In fact, innovation linked to productivity have soared up to such an extent that number of jobs rose exponentially in numerous domains of business and industry. Furthermore, the rise of technology brought numerous new jobs to the market. The multitude of types and diversity of jobs have formed quite a complication. In one hand, guardians and students remain unaware of available careers and on the other hand, unorganized information puts them in confusion about their choices. Even institutes and schools dedicate special career counseling team to guide students on career. It has become increasingly difficult to know about existence of jobs in a common social circle.

In addition, lack of credible information could misguide upcoming professionals about a career path. Following success stories is a social phenomenon. This affects the attitude of people towards a particular job. In a circle, if a person is successful in a special trade, it is certain that others will follow the path. On the other hand, just the reverse happens when one fails in a trade.

Career counseling could help to make such scenarios better and turn it in favor of students. As technology is handy, platforms are available for free guidance and career counseling. Web technology has made career counseling quite easier and easily available. Pursuing a job matching to the interest and skills of a candidate is daunting only due to lack of information. Many people are not aware about the fact that hobbies and interests can become their best source of income. That, for people, who love flexibility, there are many industries those are searching desperately for persons like him or her. The solution to this is in offering right counseling to people in right time. Web enabled portals are being leveraged for career counseling for such assistance.

Many new careers are now available in the market. The only need of the time to feed in the information through right channels so that it can reach their audience. Technology assisted counseling can be of great help for reaching out to the general populace. Career counseling through web platforms have opened new avenues for job seekers. Such platforms have the potential to bring around a revolution in job market propagating massive employment opportunities.