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COVID-19 Crisis: How Astrology Can Help Corporates Sail Through Growing Business Challenges

Life after corona will be difficult. The universe has brought life to a standstill. The same universe will also provide us the solution. Now it’s upto us if we are ready for that journey. Listening to the Third Eye can surely help.

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The global economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic – estimated at a whopping $9 trillion – has left businesses searching for answers. Corporate honchos are faced with an unprecedented task of staying afloat and are working overtime to figure out ways and means to evade this crisis. The calculators are out to rework the financial estimates for FY2020-21. In this scenario, it may not be a bad idea to solicit external help from the cosmos. This is where Astrology – The Third Eye - can offer a ray of hope and prove to be a valuable tool for businesses to sail through these tough times.

While astrology has gained acceptance at the mundane and personal level by accurately predicting the life events of a native or that of a nation, it still has some way to go when it comes to advising corporates on their business strategies. The reasons are manifold. Firstly, it is not only the owner or founder of a company whose horoscope matters, since he is constantly guided and advised by a pool of professional decision-makers such as the Managing Director, CEO, Vice President, COO and other senior functionaries, all of whose stars exercise a collective influence on the fortune of a company. Not to forget the investors and business partners who play a critical role in ensuring sound financial health of an organisation. Secondly, the birth chart of a company – which is based on the time when the entity was registered and when the new office was inaugurated - is equally important and must be studied to understand the likely growth trajectory and obstacles that the company is likely to experience during the course of its existence.

Due to all of this, the task of an astrologer goes up manifold. It requires great expertise in assimilating the body of astrological data gathered from such an exercise. However, given the skill-set required to make sense of this data and arrive at an accurate picture, ‘traditional’ astrologers may not be well-equipped to handle this challenge, nor are they inclined to do so given the enormity of the task. This is where the ‘new-age’ corporate astrologers, who are both experienced and professionals, can play an important role in guiding corporates in meeting their business objectives.

Analysing business environment
Business environment is a function of developments at both national as well as global level. Political developments at the national level and technological and geo-political changes at the global level can transform the business environment overnight which may be positive for some businesses and negative for others. All of you will remember the historic day of November 8, 2016, when demonetisation was announced by the Indian government. This had sent shock waves across the country and had a major financial impact on some businesses. However, it came as a blessing in disguise for online payment companies such as Paytm and MobiKwik who have never looked back since then. Now, if we look at India’s birth chart, we could easily forecast a major banking reform between October-November 2016. The country was running the period of Moon-Mars-Mercury. Mars and Mercury denote banks and Moon is placed in the house of online transaction. Timely inputs such as these can be invaluable for businesses.

Similarly, unexpected natural calamities, like the one we are witnessing today in the form of the corona pandemic, can severely derail the business plans of a company. We can well imagine the plight of those big business houses who were looking to launch new products in the first half of 2020 or those looking to firm up strategic deals worth millions of dollars to gain a strategic advantage in the industry. Then, there are entrepreneurs who had set up a start-up and their business journey had just about taken off but all their dreams and investments were shattered due to the pandemic. If only they would have had semblance of a clue that such prolonged lockdown would put a spanner in their works, they could have prepared themselves much in advance to guard against the eventuality.

Today, astrology has matured as a science to predict events at both macro and micro level. A lot of research has gone into transforming astrology as a scientific discipline which can accurately anticipate the future which, in business terms, is nothing but strong market intelligence for which corporates spend millions in order to stay ahead of the curve. To cite an example, whenever Saturn has moved to Capricorn sign in any epoch or era, it has turned the world upside down.

This is because Saturn is change and Capricorn is consolidation, and their mutual co-existence creates a fresh wave of change leading to a new politico-economic order. Remember what happened in 1992-94? The USSR broke down and USA and China emerged as super powers. That was the last time when Saturn was in Capricorn. Now in 2020, Saturn has come back to Capricorn again and rest is history!

Of course! this is only one major combination which would normally catch the eye of any proficient and experienced astrologer who may then advice governments, nations and corporates to prepare for the change. In addition, there are some minute planetary combinations and yogas which help in forecasting the flow of change. Important events such as stock market movement, prices of metals like gold, silver, and commodities like oil, coal, rice, sugar etc can be predicted with a great amount of reliability.

Analysing sectoral trends

Once the road is clear with respect to the business environment, the next level is to analyse sectoral trends and growth trajectory. Here, astrology does a wonderful job. A strong Venus in a country’s annual horoscope points to steady growth in the automobile and entertainment industry. Likewise, a strong Saturn helps the growth of business relating to petroleum and natural gas sector, coal and iron. A strong Rahu brings about technological changes such as greater use of digitisation in business operations, and its association with Mercury denotes a good year for the Information Technology (IT) sector. These are vital clues which can be incorporated by organisations in their business plans to reap maximum advantage.

To cite an example, back in 2007-08, not many people in India gave solar power industry a chance. Then, in 2009, India announced a new policy on development of solar energy in the country by launching of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission. The government unveiled a $19 billion plan to produce 20 GW of solar power by 2020. Ofcourse, business or market intelligence at that time never saw this coming, or at best considered it too ambitious to be true. Almost all major consultancy firms were busy preparing reports that highlighted the inefficacy of the decision to move towards solar due to its high cost of production.

Interestingly, astrology saw this change coming. India’s birth chart had a strong dasha of Sun (solar power) operating from September 2009 to August 2015. In India’s chart, Sun is lord of 4th house (investment in production process). It was posited in the 3rd house (supply chain) and its association with Saturn (fuel) was indicative of the strong thrust provided by the government to develop solar power. Today, India has become a world leader in solar power, which has a strong astrological basis.

Mapping corporate risks and opportunities
Once the business environment is astrologically mapped and sectoral trends have been configured, the next level is to gauge the astrological strength of a company as well as its key decision makers. The first step is to analyse the horoscope/birth chart of the business owner(s). This is where it all starts. Here, we need to focus on three things: financial strength of the horoscope, health and longevity and proneness to litigation. When we analyse financial strength, we need to check the wealth quotient by examining the planets that bestow wealth. These planets are not same for everyone and differ from person to person. For establishing and running a successful business, wealth-giving planets must be continuously active in the owner’s chart for a long duration. If there is a temporary discontinuity in this pattern, say for a year or so, then the business goes through interruptions. But if the discontinuity appears for 2-3 years, then it points to stagnation. Further, if along with wealth-giving planets, obstacle-giving planets are also active then business continues but with problems. Notably, the horoscope should be free from combinations that promote bankruptcy; else there may be sudden dip in a company’s fortunes.

Next we need to analyse the health quotient of the horoscope. There have been numerous instances whereby a business has been shut down due to the unexpected death or ill health of the owner. A large business house have strong processes to guard itself against this unforeseen situation, but small businesses and those operating under the proprietorship model invariably fade away due to this unfortunate tragedy. A precaution in this regard is always helpful to plan a line of succession in advance to ensure business continuity. Start-ups also fall under the same category since they are mostly individual-centric.

Another variable that needs to be examined is the proneness to litigation. Many a times, we have seen that the owner of a company is embroiled in a controversy due to legal cases filed against him/her. It can create unnecessary problems like those related to taxation or labour which can snowball into a crisis and can invite the wrath of the authorities. It also leads to bad reputation which can shape public perceptions negatively. While a company hires lawyers to guard itself from legal threat, a corporate astrologer can play a valuable role to go deeper and understand the time periods when legal cases may emerge or get resolved and advice the owner accordingly.

Based on the above-mentioned variables, we can roughly categorise entrepreneurs under three categories. First are business tycoons. They are those people whose horoscope has strong wealth yogas which are active for a long duration of time without bankruptcy yogas. Second are mid-sized businessmen. They are those who have strong dhan yogas but they are diluted by planets that promote expenditure and litigation. Third are small entrepreneurs. They have mix of both the above categories and hence both good and bad events happen in parallel due to which they hit a growth plateau. It goes without saying that the chart of all these categories of businessmen need to be strong on the health and longevity front as well.

Once we are done with analysing the horoscope of the owner/founder, the same needs to be done for other decision-makers such as investors, business partners, shareholders, CEO, Vice President and the like. Experience has shown that if a company owner is going through a rough phase, then either his partner or the CEO, whosoever’s horoscope is stronger at that particular time period, should be allowed to take business decisions, or else the company can run into losses. The company’s birth chart must also be analysed to understand its strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities along with wealth giving yogas.

To resolve the issues, a proficient astrologer will also combine insights from other occult sciences such as numerology and Vastu Shastra to work out a comprehensive approach to prescribe the appropriate remedy (s) or guideline. Some of these can be suggesting favourable name based on Astro-numerological principles, advising on the suitability of new line of activity to be undertaken (including Mergers & Acquisitions or expansion), favourable directions for identifying suitable markets, choice of colour for logo and branding and choosing right person for the right role. Infact, in case of companies looking to merge or acquire other businesses, corporate astrology can very well highlight the compatibilities, or the lack of it, which can turn out to be a boon for a business owner.

Life after corona will be difficult. The universe has brought life to a standstill. The same universe will also provide us the solution. Now it’s upto us if we are ready for that journey. Listening to the Third Eye can surely help.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

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Neeraj Dhankher

The author is an Astrologer. He is Founder and CEO of Astro Zindagi. He has been practicing Indian Vedic Astrology for last 24 years. He was honoured with the title of "Jyotish Acharya" from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan (under the aegis of Shri KN Rao) in 2004.

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