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Building Brand Through A Web Of Trust

Simple techniques of being fair and truthful towards the consumers/services connected with simple communication on the digital platform is winning it for brands all over the world

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I had this thought for a few weeks now and have been reconsidering the same before I decided to write about it. Coming from an era of ‘captive’ marketing, brands are scared of this demand and feedback-based ecosystem and are grappling with this new animal called Digital. We tend to believe anything unknown to be complex. However, it’s not always so. Simple techniques of being fair and truthful towards the consumers/services connected with simple communication on the digital platform is winning it for brands all over the world. And that observation is the key reason behind this article.

As per Hindu mythology, the Yugas are said to succeed each other almost endlessly. After the perfect Satya Yuga, a decline marks the Treta Yuga. Further decline leads to the Dwapara Yuga, followed by the final and dark Kali Yuga, a time of wickedness, when man kills man — and the one we are all in. At the end of this era, Vishnu’s avatar Kalki shall take birth in a Brahmin family. This mighty and intelligent incarnation shall engage in the good of all.

As they say, the perceived meaning of any saying is in the heart of the believer and not in the literal translation of what is said and what it probably meant. Everything requires relevant customisation, a situational interpretation. It is widely believed that in Satya Yuga, Bhagwan Kalki shall destroy all the dacoits and robbers, all things that are unfair and untrue, and establish the ideals and principles propounded by Lord Brahma after which he shall go to the forest to practice penance. In this age, all would be inclined towards the pursuit of supreme knowledge and all actions performed would be with the intention of attaining celestial bliss. Satya Yuga is all about the truth, about value and about believing in the collective intelligence of pious people. I am wondering if we have started seeing signs of the same at least in this era of hyper connected world civilisation. May be?

Google’s Search+, Facebook’s search and this entire phenomenon of socio-search is probably the first step towards that. Search has always brought you information from across the web. And now, search gets even better by including photos, posts and more from you and your friends. A little help from your friends is what this product thrives on.

We all turn to people we know and trust for recommendations. With personal results, you’ll see relevant tips, photos, and posts from your friends alongside results from the web. Personal results are marked with an icon so you know they’re just for you. Think of a world where every or the other search result about your brand that pops up to your consumer is actually a function of recommendations, relevance and past experiences from people who have already used your product!

In a world like that can you still hide? Can you still afford to not up your game? Probably not. Bursts won’t create ripples for long. It will buy eyeballs but can’t emulate historic data of consumer trust. Increasing infusion of social and sharable features will take the game away from marketing even more. Word of mouth was and will be the biggest currency for a champion brand.

Digital, especially social media will ensure you maintain the quality you claim to deliver each time and that’s it: We are in Satya Yuga as consumers, where brands are bound to deliver quality, obligated to be real.

The author is MD of Liqvd Asia

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Arnab Mitra

The author is MD of Liqvd Asia

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