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Big Dreams Of Small Entrepreneurs

You will increase your chances of success by categorising your goals, breaking them down into smaller steps and celebrating your victories.

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Entrepreneurs are inspired to reach for the stars in their goals and dreams. This idiom has some merit, but it also has a disadvantage. Setting your goals and expectations too high can reduce your chances of success. Too many entrepreneurs get caught up in the dream, but after years pass, they aren't any closer to living it. 

This is due to the fact that we require incentive, clarity, and motivation to move from our current reality to what we desire. The expectation of giant leaps can lead to a slew of disappointments with no payoff. You will increase your chances of success by categorising your goals, breaking them down into smaller steps, and celebrating your victories. 

"India is a country of entrepreneurs especially micro and medium entrepreneurs and they are the one who keeps the economy alive, who keeps the equality of the people across the country who gives a lot of employment opportunities in the country. And therefore it's very much necessary that all the stakeholders should continuously keep on working to ensure the growth of the micro and medium sector,” said Head of SME and Startups, Bombay Stock Exchange, Ajay Thakur.

He added that we are one of the stakeholders, BSE knows about it and we are in existence formally for the last 147 years. “Almost 9.6 crores of investors got registered for trading on the stock exchange, making it the largest stock exchange in terms of registration of in investors and a maximum number of investors over 6 crores of investors added in last one and half years," said Thakur.

Someone who is new to running, for example, does not set out to run a marathon right away. They are taught to build endurance by running shorter distances and gradually adding miles. Building physical strength is only one component of this strategy; it also involves the development of mental endurance. The reward centre of the brain stimulates neurons that release the "feel-good" hormone dopamine, resulting in what some refer to as a dopamine rush. Ambitious entrepreneurs live in anticipation of the euphoria that comes with achieving important goals. This encourages them to build on their successes.

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