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Are You Suffering From Vitiligo? Then Read This

Vitiligo is an auto-immune condition, which means that your own body cells are going to fight against the pigmentation containing cells and keep on increasing these white patches

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Neeti, Bareilly: I have been suffering from vitiligo since age of 21 now I am 40 and have learnt to live with it. Only, problem is that it has come up with a new patch on my face which is disturbing me a lot and also making me conscious of going into the public. Please help and suggest me a remedy at least for my face.

As you know you have vitiligo you must know it is an auto-immune condition, which means that your own body cells are going to fight against the pigmentation containing cells and keep on increasing these white patches. Common triggering factors known to increase this process are: stress, infections, pregnancy, diabetes, pain killers, fragrances, etc. and since you have had a new patch recently it’s an unstable form of vitiligo and I cannot suggest surgery either for you. You must visit a dermatologist nearby to you who can prescribe good anti-oxidant supplements and also give you maybe pulse steroids to control this spread along with good ideal topical creams and ointments. Also, for face I suggest you must learn how to camouflage it as in the market good products like dermacolor available at chemists only can definitely help you a lot and boost your confidence. Lukoskin a medicine which was developed by DRDO is very cheap and great help in vitiligo patients and you must discuss with a dermatologist nearby to you for it.

Richa, 21: I am having a lot of darkness on my elbows and knees though rest of my skin is fair enough. Please advice and give solution as you are a very strong hope for me.

Hello, Richa this is a common problem as elbows rub against tables, etc when we are reading and leads to frictional dermatitis leading to increased pigmentations. Using a lightening cream along with keratolytic agents like: salicylic acid, vitamin e, kojic acid, mandelic acid combinations will help the knees along with ensuring a good scrub there on daily bathing will help your skin flourish and rejuvenate better and healthier into a fairer skin. You can always visit an expert dermatologist who can advise you further but, need not worry as this is not something dangerous.

Rajiv Seth: I am a school teacher 31 male and use sunscreen of SPF30plus regularly but my colour is dark and my wife is fairer. Also, I can see few raised white colored things around my eyes. Please help.

I am glad to hear you are using a sunscreen of good SPF! But I hope you are using it 15 minutes before going in the sun and reapplying every 3 hours if sun exposure is present to reduce tanning and for the color you need to use night creams containing agents like arbutin, kojic acids, mulberry extracts according to your skin. Also, white things around eyes I cannot comment without seeing but they sound like “milia” you must get them checked by a dermatologist near you and hence, treated by a single, safe session of radio frequency if done by expert hands. Also, I would like to add that you should not think or feel conscious from your wife’s color as Indian beauty has to be dark!

I am a television artist and problem is that due to regularly putting make up my skin is very dry in the winters, and also the make-up looks patchy on the face during winter season. Please advise me as season is changing now and upcoming weather will be tough on my skin. Thanks Anonymous.

The problem that you are facing is very common in people who use make up regularly and hence, I would suggest that you use a base of sunscreen in cream form below the make-up why I say sunscreen is because I am sure that you face the camera and lights a lot and that is also known to increase the pigmentation and produce photo damage so a sunscreen is needed. Also, as soon as your shoot is over you must remove the make up with a cotton wool and a moisturizing cleanser instead of toner and don’t be harsh on your skin to remove the make-up. Also, drinking a lot of water and keeping your skin well hydrated at night will help. Use a moisturizer at night which contains vitamin e, hyaluronic acid, aloe Vera and oat meal preferably.

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Dr Deepali Bhardwaj

The author is MD (USA.IM),DVDL,M.Phil(Cosmetology), Allergy Fellowship Munich,Germany;Cosmetic surgeries,Iran. Former Honorary Dermatologist at President Estate Clinic in Rashtrapati Bhawan

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