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5 Ways To Maintain Your Motorcycle During The Lockdown

While we stay indoors through the lockdown, our beloved motorcycles remain exposed to external conditions during this time no riding and to ensure that they are ready to roll when it’s time to resume life as we know it, here are 5 tips that will keep your motorbike in a healthy condition

Photo Credit : Siddharth


Protect your Motorcycle During Extended Periods of not riding

Park your motorcycle on a paddock stand, or centre stand, on a hard surface. Ensure both wheels are moving freely. Also, fuel up to the brim to avoid rust issues in the fuel tank.

This is very important, as parking it on the centre stand, paddock stand or a hard levelled surface aids the fluids in the motorcycle to be completed level. On the side stand the oil inside moves and accumulates on one side and when kept like that for longer periods of time lack of lubrication could wear out the seals etc. Petrol is corrosive by nature and fueling up the tank to the brim would let all the air out and thereby reducing chances of rust accumulating up.

Since the motorcycle may be parked in one place for more than one week, move the motorcycle to and fro for 2-5 meters, gently applying front and rear brakes.

Moving the motorcycle will remove the pressure from one part of the tyres reducing chances of flat-spotting, will keep the bearings and axle working. Using the front and rear brakes we can keep the braking system (disc and pads) working and not let them get jammed. 

Park the vehicle in closed parking or use a bike cover.

Dust, moisture and rats are the biggest enemies of any vehicle, always park your Motorcycle in covered parking or use a bike cover. In Addition to this spray some rodent repellent to repel rats and other bugs. If possible park your motorcycle in a place that is least likely to have any water or rain.

Run the motorcycle in idling condition for 10-15 minutes, as frequently and as is safely possible, to keep the battery charged.

Today most of the motorcycles available in India come with an electric start and no Kickstarter. The only way to keep your motorcycle starting after a long period of being parked is by keeping the battery charged. There are multiple ways to do this but since we are under a lockdown and buying external battery chargers are not essential, the best way to do it is by starting your bike and letting it run for 10-15mins. This will charge the battery and also circulate the fluids (oil, coolant) across the system. Activate all cables like the clutch, accelerator and brake cables, once a week, to avoid rusting and dust settlement. For longer periods of not riding the motorcycle, disconnect the battery cable from the negative port to avoid battery discharge.

Apply Chain Cleaner and Lube to prevent rusting of the chain while applying silicone emulsion to the rubber and black plastic bits.

Motorcycle chains are essentially made from iron and iron rusts, cleaning the chain with chain cleaner and then apply lubricant or good ol’ WD40 works wonders in keeping the chain smooth and rust-free. To avoid the rubber parts and seals from caking up its best to apply silicone emulsion. 

Stay Home, Stay Safe and keep your motorcycle healthy to ride when the lockdown opens - Safe motoring

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