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10 Best Ways to do Content Marketing for your Startups

By marketing your content through digital means, you can pitch your products and services before the internet space

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Times have become quite competitive in this digital age, and nowadays, it does not matter if you are a startup and are an owner of a small company. By marketing your content through digital means, you can pitch your products and services before the internet space. 


Here are ten ways of content marketing for your startup:-


Be a storyteller- Create a story around your brand.


Have a more humanistic approach since storytelling is not limited to primary education anymore. To gain the trust of your audience and soon to be customers, you need to tell them stories that connect with them emotionally. Tell them how you can solve a problem, why you wish to solve their problem, the reason you are here and how you want to change lives. Tell them stories of people who got influenced, stories of people whose lives got changed because of your product or service. 


Decide your goals- Realise where you want to go.


You need to have a direction before you put in your efforts. Efforts without direction would always go in vain. When you pitch your product via content marketing, do determine your ROI, i.e. Return on investment. ROI is a significant factor that determines the success of your content marketing campaign. Make sure that you pre-define your content marketing goals - Is it more leads? Is it more visibility on social media? Is it more sales?


When you have a particular goal fixed, you can analyse the reach of your efforts via metrics and analytics. These are essential if you wish to monitor your progress.


Be descriptive- Write elaborate and detailed content.


Never let your reader unsatisfied, give him every bit of knowledge he is searching. Put in more information, write long, detailed, precise pieces of content wherein the reader gets a complete answer to the query. He shouldn’t leave your post with incomplete information. Have a 360 degree approach and make sure your content is a long detailed and elaborate piece with all the points covered.


Promote your content- Reach out to your audience


Promotion plays a vital role in your content marketing strategy. Your ability to reach people who can get value through you plays a primary role in generating business.Your clients and customers are the dominant force that drives your business and to reach them you should be aware of social media platforms they spend their time. Merely promoting your content anywhere won’t help instead you need to be specific and a work a bit harder to find your niche audience.


Guest blogging- Reach out to fellow bloggers


Guest blogging would perhaps seem like an age-old strategy or an old trick from an outdated content marketing book, but it works bigtime when done with the right intent. Though in recent years, guest blogging has come under criticism because of the low-quality posts being written just for the sake of link building.


Guest blogging thrives on networking and mutual benefits. Get in touch with fellow bloggers of your industry, publish your blogs on their sites and allow them to do the same on yours. Your audience gets to see their content, and their audience gets to look at your content. So it becomes an efficient way to promote your brand and your online presence in your niche.


Mobile optimisation- Optimize your content for mobile


With mobiles getting into more hands, it has been a significant reason for a shift in content marketing strategies. With Google giving more preference to mobile-optimised sites, it has become a necessity to take into account the need of mobile users. Your content strategy must include the making of mobile-optimisedcontent. Creating content that mobile users search for, something that they are looking on the web space. Mixing up long format content with shorter format content that can be quickly read on smartphones is something you should focus.


Quality content with SEO-  Write Quality content with traces of SEO


Never write content that primarily focuses on search engines. You would be creating content that is dead from within and impacts no one. Never stuff your posts with keywords. Focus on users first and keep search engines second in your priority list. Moreover, that is when you bring quality to your posts.


Keyword research is essential but not keyword stuffing, writing quality content that a user wants to read is a much better strategy in 2018. Quality works big time, and while writing a post, the keywords should come naturally in the context rather than you putting it up. 


Know your customers- Create your buyer's persona


Know your customers well, do proper market research and figure out people who would be interested in your product or service. Take this factors into consideration like age, gender, social status, occupation, marital status and hobbies and create some buyer personas. It can range from being very generic to very specific. Sketch out an ideal persona and based on all of it, plan out your content creation strategy. Chalk out topics that these personas want to read, and you increase your chances of hitting your target audience.


Create a Buyer persona path- Figure out the buying cycle stages


In inbound marketing, there are three stages in a buyer's journey and, i.e. Awareness, consideration and decision making. Moreover, creating content for every particular step is a must though it is challenging. However, nurturing and creating awareness among your audience is very important. Lead generation happens when you give them enough content at the right time to believe in your brand. When a buyer persona reads a particular post written for a stage he is in, lead generation happens. Before you create a blog, you need to decide whom you are writing for and at what stage of the buyer’s journey they would be?


Reuse your content- Republish, recreate and amplify


You may have written some fantastic posts in the past, and they would have left an enormous impact at that point of time, and many readers must have read it. However, with time the users on digital space increase and there would be many who would be unaware of your old informative posts. For those set of new users, republish your old content. 


Apart from that recreate your content for different social media platforms, you can make a script out of a blog post for your youtube video, you can take pictures of a blog post breaking them down into quotes for Instagram, and you can reframe it on a professional network like LinkedIn. So a single blog post can be recreated into content suitable for different social media platforms, and that amplifies your reach exponentially.




It doesn’t matter if you are a startup and are quite new in the market. What matters is how honest you are, how good your product or service is and how well you can pitch that before your audience. Marketing matters and in digital space content marketing can take you a long way in making you success story.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

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Honey Singh

The author is the Co-founder and CEO of ARM Worldwide.

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