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"Always Remember To Pamper Yourself, No Matter What Circumstances Are”

I don't think post-pandemic luxury equals comfort. I think that was a time in our life where we had to focus on the essentials of everyday life

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Acclaimed actor Nimrat Kaur, who straddles the world of Hindi cinema and American television with ease, in an exclusive conversation with BW Businessworld speaks about her idea of luxury, her journey as an actor, upcoming projects, and more. Excerpts  

What is your idea of luxury?

My idea of luxury is to make the most of whatever your resources are to the best of your ability. Always remember to pamper yourself, no matter what the circumstances are and where you find yourself. I have always tried to set a little something aside for myself, no matter what I'm earning or what I'm saving. Just to be able to treat myself to an occasional gift here and there, anything ranging from a massage to a piece of jewellery that I’ve always wanted.  

Do you believe that post-pandemic luxury equals comfort?

I don't think post-pandemic luxury equals comfort. I think that was a time in our life where we had to focus on the essentials of everyday life. But now as the pandemic has subsided and the world is coming back to normal, things are resetting, I don't think luxury necessarily means comfort. It should not be senseless; it is something that needs to be responsible.
What is your favourite luxury product?

Well, it would be my car! I have just bought myself a Range Rover Vogue and I can’t get enough of it. I love sitting in it and driving it. I absolutely love it.
Forming an emotional connect is an important part of marketing any product, be it luxury or otherwise. Marketers are always trying to tell a good story that will connect them with the consumer. The same is true for acting, movie making and acting also seek an emotional connect with their audience. What’s your view?

Yes, 100 per cent. Nothing in this life means anything and, in fact, nothing ages well unless you have an emotional connect with it. It could be a service, a product, a movie, or a painting. It must appeal to your inner being and it must target your heart, without which things may bring us temporary joy. Even as actors, we seek an emotional connect in the roles we pick.  

Please tell us about your journey as an actor.

My journey as an actor has been nothing less than the hand of God and blessings. I come from an army background, and nothing could have prepared me for the life I live today. I just had a small dream and big stars in my eyes when I came to Bombay. And I had to go from day to day, month to month believing in myself and life unfolded in a spectacular way. I truly feel I'm a very ordinary person living an extraordinary life, giving it my best. I have a lot of love and a lot of great people around me.  

As an actor my journey has been beautiful, from ads to music videos to theatres to films to series and to be working internationally. I feel very blessed. I intent to keep working harder and pushing the boundaries to keep the audience entertained and challenge myself.  
Which has been your best acting performance so far according to you?

Well, I don't have any favourite performances, but my mum loves my work in "Test Case" the most. She feels that nothing so far moves her as much as my work in Test Case, so I would go with her.
What can fans expect to see from you in the near future?

Well, I have a lot of very cool projects coming up. I have done a guest appearance in a show called Foundation for Apple TV (season 2) where I got to work with Jared Harris, who is one of the most incredible actors the world knows. Apart from this, I have a series releasing in India soon, another series is in the pipeline for HBO. And, currently I'm working on Happy Teachers Day, my second film with Maddock, which is after Dasvi, so I'm really excited about these projects.
Other than acting what are your interests?

I love going out on long drives, hanging out with my friends, watching movies, playing with my cats. I really enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, walking, also I enjoy being at yoga and ayurvedic retreats. So, whenever I get a free time I try to get close to nature.
What is your all-time favourite movie?

Notting Hill is my all-time favourite movie. I can watch it multiple times.  

Who is your all-time favourite actor?

It has to be Mr Amitabh Bachchan.
In today’s hectic world what is your mantra to beat stress?

There's nothing better than to have a good laugh with your friends, not having to care about what you sound like, having no filter, just saying what you want. There's nothing better than surrounding yourself with positive, high vibration people. 


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Magazine 22 Oct 2022