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‘99% of Our Troubles Would Disappear If We Only Understand Ourselves Better’

Pushing is a masculine quality whereas femininity deals with pulling back

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Megda Kay is an internet marketing specialist and a life coach, an amalgamation of deep knowledge regarding healing and personal growth, along with strong business background. Today, at the Women Economic Forum 2017, she enlightened listeners about ‘feminine leadership and using feminine powers to achieve success in business’.

Megda emphasizes on exploring one’s feminine energy which could result into changing the perception of how to look at men and also the quality of intimate relationships. “Social conditioning around femininity is so strong that we – women themselves – consider being feminine a weakness. While, in fact, it’s a force more powerful than you have ever imagined. In Tantra, we see the feminine as the creative force. The same that created me and you and the whole universe. And you, as a woman, are a reflection of that power. So how can you be weak? How can you be passive? Inside you, you have the potential to give birth. If you can create life, what can you not create?” she writes in one of her blogs, Brave Belle.

“Once you make a decision to be in your feminine it will change forever how you relate to men. Till now, while being in your masculine, you were trying hard to prove your worth to men by competing with others (both men and women). You were trying to show them you are independent, capable, and perfectly equipped to do the job. But, if you believe you are capable, there is no need to try hard to prove it. Now, it opens the door to treat men like partners instead of enemies. Once something becomes a fact or a norm, we don’t have a need to show it off,” she adds with a flair.

In her opinion, allowing a man to help does not mean being passive or submissive; it merely reflects acceptance and acknowledgement towards the other person. She states, “Relationships are not about finding your one true soul mate, live a love story like depicted in Hollywood movies and live happily ever after until death do you part. Relationships are opportunities for each person to grow, evolve and come closer to a deep inner alignment.”

Elaborating on the idea of inner masculinity, inner femininity and relationship pattern, Megda says, “Your inner feminine provides caring, nurturing, fun, change, energy, emotions. Your inner masculine provides safety, support, presence and guidance. But we don’t have all of these qualities in us, and so we search for them on the outside.”

Other than being an international life coach, Megda has spent last four years in India, Malaysia, Bali, Nepal, Thailand studying traditional philosophies and spiritual practices. She also specializes in applied psychology and human behavior.