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Latest Articles in nasa

Habitable Earth-Size Planet Found By NASA

The planet TOI 700 d is one of the very few planets that are the size of Earth discovered in a habitable zone of a star.

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NASA To Launch Rover 'MARS 2020' Next Year

'Mars 2020's' body, is about five inches longer than 'Curiosity'. It's also heavier, 2,260 pounds, compared with Curiosity's 1,982 pounds. The weight difference has to do with the tools each carries," the release stated.

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NASA Finds Vikram Lander, Releases Images Of Impact Site On Moon Surface

"The debris first located by Shanmuga is about 750 metres northwest of the main crash site and was a single bright pixel identification in that first mosaic," NASA further said.

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Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh In His 2.0 Avatar

Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh in his 2.0 Avatar and moon lights up a spirit of brotherhood.

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Committed To Boosting India’s Aviation Space: Palash Roy Chowdhury, Managing Director, India, Pratt and Whitney

Pratt & Whitney is the world’s leading maker of aircraft engines, both fighter, and commercial. Its F 135 & F 119 engines are powering the fifth-generation fighter aircraft F 35 & F 22 Raptor. With India on the lookout for engine capability to leapfrog into the world of aerospace, Manish Kumar Jha of BW Businessworld caught up with Palash Roy Chowdhury, Managing Director - India, Pratt and Whitney during the Paris Air Show 2019 to discuss the possibilities of cooperation.

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Will NASA-ISRO Satellite Pass The Trump Test?

At stake is world's most expensive earth-imaging satellite till date being jointly made by the NASA and the ISRO.

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Cassini Spacecraft Set To Dive Under Saturn’s Rings In Its Final Journey

NASA’s unmanned spacecraft — Cassini — is all set to undertake the most difficult journey on Wednesday (26 April) in its 20th year in space: orbit Saturn and dive through its rings

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Interstellar: Kalpana Chawla

Kalpana first flew on Space Shuttle Columbia in 1997 as a mission specialist and primary robotic arm operator

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How Determining Raindrop Sizes Can Boost Storm Forecasts?

The rain drop images can be fed as data into storm prediction weather models (statistical-mathematical computer programs) and engender more accurate storm forecasting across the globe

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