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Book Review: For The SME

Beyond simply providing the theories and concepts, this book replicates some of the practical advice and solutions for the business, writes Vishal Parekh

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Book Review: Focus On The Core

The authors stress the importance of an edge mindset to identify and exploit opportunities, writes V.N. Bhattacharya

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Power Of Principles

Sid Mittra is emeritus professor of Finance at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. But that is just his designation

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Book Review: Fraud Is All Around Us

The book is easy to read and relate; and more importantly will make you start thinking of the number of times you have been phished.

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Seeing The Wider Context

In his introduction, the author writes, “My job is to live in the future and treat tomorrow as history.” True to his word, Dixon writes on energy, environment, healthcare, retail, supermarkets, pharma, media, e-commerce — you name it and he has put the scenarios in this book.

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Don’t Lose The Plot

Through a series of anecdotes, Witzel raises a total of 50 warning flags of symptoms leading to managers going daft, losing the plot and destroying value, writes Subin Subiah

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