5 Things Even Gucci Had to do to Become a Superstar Fashion Label

Carol Hanlon is city councillor for the city of Belmont in Australia and is an acknowledged champion of small business owners with local, state and national awards since 1970’s. Carol started as an owner/designer of her own fashion manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and export business for 20 years following which in 1994, Carol established a not-for-profit community organizations Belmont Business Enterprise Centre Inc. (BEC) and Textile Clothing Footwear Resource Centre Western Australia Inc. (TCFWA) 1998. Carol’s NFP projects have assisted over 25,000 small businesses across Australia and many more globally. Her work has helped designers from Australia, Cambodia to India get who dream of becoming the next Christian Dior, Chanel or Vivienne Westwood to get the business aspect of their fashion label right. Because if you don’t have the business smarts then your fashion house will die before you can say Michael Kors. “Marketing on a budget, pricing and costing, understanding intellectual property laws, trademarking laws in different countries and how to deal with the media needs to be done right. It’s critical to success of a fashion designer,” Carol said. The 5 pitfalls upcoming designers most go wrong according to Carol are:

Cash flow

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It’s a cash-pour industry. All your profit goes back into manufacturing more clothes and to make the next collection before you have been paid for the collection you have just made. Handle cash flow wisely else you will be out of money to make your next fashion collection (and most small time designer don’t have investors as such)

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