MWC14: Wearables Steal The Show At Barcelona
Mobile World Congress 2014

26 Feb, 2014 10:55 IST

MWC14: Wearables Steal The Show At Barcelona

Not only for people, there are enough wearable gear to keep track of animals

Anup Jayaram

Wearables Steal The Show At Barcelona

NTT DoCoMo President and CEO Kaoru Kato holds up a stuffed dog as he delivers a keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, February 25, 2014. NTT Docomo's wearable "Pet Fit Tag" is a wireless device which attaches to a dog collar to remotely check on a dogs condition and whereabouts through an owner's smartphone (Reuters)

In today’s world, mobile operators are feeling the pressure from over the top (OTT) providers like Twitter and WhatsApp who use the mobile network to provide a host of services to the consumer. While the customer gets his services, the operator has seen revenues coming down despite investing heavily on capital expenditure.
That’s what many large operators are looking to change by bringing in newer innovations. The hottest new trend this year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona relates to wearable devices. Japan’s NTT DoCoMo, the world’s third largest LTE operator with over 20 million subscribers is doing just that. Speaking at the MWC, Kaoru Kato, president and CEO, NTT DoCoMo displayed a range of connected wearable devices. There are wrist bands that monitor your pulse. Sony has displayed a wide range of concept wearable device that could be in the shape of a necklace or a ring.
All along one thought that wearables were for people only. There are now enough devices to keep track of animals.
An Oral-B smartphone-connected toothbrush, to be sold under P&G's Oral-B brand, has a Bluetooth 4.0 link to a smartphone app that can be programmed with the help of a dentist and can give personalised advice to improve their brushing (Reuters)  
DoCoMo already has the smart T-shirt. Kato displayed the T-shirt with three credit card sized sensors that monitor various parameters of the body including the heart beat. While the T-shirt is washable, it can also produce on the lines of the ECG. While the T-shirt is already available, be ready for connected long dresses and hats soon.
But what happens if your pet dog is not well. NTT DoCoMo’s latest device can be attached to the dog’s collar. It will detect whether the dog is moving or sleeping. Essentially, it helps keep track of how much the dog exercises. Also, it can be used to locate the pet in case it is lost.
While that is simpler, DoCoMo also revealed the device that helps keep cows healthy when they are close to birthing. The device will closely monitor the temperature of the cow when it is close to birthing. Mobile Gyuonkei as it is called monitors the cow's body temperature. It checks the calving progress, detects signs of estrus and e-mails the results to the farmer. This eliminates the need for the traditional labor-intensive round-the-clock monitoring method, reducing the burden on cattle farmers. Medical tech is one of DoCoMo's eight new revenue fields.

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