Article on December 03, 2017

Sundar Pichai Makes Strong Case For Google's Return To China

Google and its products can be accessed in China through Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) over which Beijing has stepped up a crackdown in recent times

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SBI To Redesign Envelopes For Dispatching Tax Cheques To Protect PAN

The move comes nearly 16 months after activist Commodore (retd) Lokesh Batra raised the issue that the window envelopes used by SBI make it easy for someone to glance through permanent account number (PAN) and contact number of the tax payee and misuse it

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Transforming Infra Sector With The Best Project Management Practices

Various infrastructure projects have been delayed or pending in India and at global level as well because the professional approach was not fully implemented, the logic and strategy was not properly formulated and the dependencies were not adequately envisioned

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