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Latest Articles in Not So Professional

I Have Been A Team Leader For Three Years. I Had An Intern Under Me For Past One Year. I Trained Him And He Performed Really Well. Now, My Boss Promoted The Intern To A Position That Is Above My Current Position. What Should I Do?

My intern undoubtedly performed well and learned things very quickly. He had been my intern for the last few months. I am surprised to learn that he got a position above me. I am quite disturbed.

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My Boss Is Trying To Be My Friend. He Is A Good Person But I Don’t Feel Like Going Out With Him Or Sharing Personal Talks With Him. How Do I Handle The Situation Without Offending Him?

I don't like sharing my personal stuff with my boss. He asks me for a coffee every other day and shows interest in my family matters. I don't feel comfortable. What should I do?

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I Overheard My Name Being Discussed In A Closed Door Meeting Of The Seniors Where My Boss Questioned My Productivity. Though Nobody Officially Blamed Me Of Anything, The Incident Disturbed Me A lot. I Can’t Concentrate On My Work. What Should I Do?

The higher-ups in our company regularly have private meetings, which are usually very hush-hush behind closed doors. During a recent meeting of theirs, the door was left open and I could hear bits and pieces of their conversation. I overheard my name and my boss questioning my productivity. I am quite disturbed.

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My Boss Comes To Office Late & Expects Team Members To Stay Overtime. He Schedules Most Of The Meetings After The Working Hours. We Do No Productive Work In Those Extra Hours. Is There A Way I Can Discuss This And Try To Change The Office Culture?

We work in a small company with HR having limited power. Major decisions are driven by the promoter and my boss is among his favourites. I do not intend to be seen as someone who does not want to work. I just want to maintain a good work-life balance. Is that a possibility here or should I look out for other options?

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My Boss Is Taking Too Much Interest In My Personal Life. He Is A Good Person To Work With But This Habit Of His Is Annoying And Intrusive. How Do I Deal With It?

My boss is a good person to work with. But his habit of interfering in personal life is quite annoying. He asks me questions on my married life which I don’t like. I cannot tell him directly since he is a sensitive person. What should I do?

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I Am An Entrepreneur. I Have Employed My Friend Thinking He Will Be A Good Support. However, It Turned Out That We Have Different Ideas And Working Style. How Do I End The Relationship Smoothly Without Hurting The Relationship?

He is very humble and nice. He helped me out during our college days. However, he is very lazy and laid back. He has no wish to work. He still does not expect to be suspended as he is my friend. Now that I have got smarter employees, I would like to replace the old ones who aren’t as good. How should I tell my friend that he has caused a lot of disruptions in the office and thus I cannot let him work here for much longer

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I Work In A Start-up. The CEO Often Asks Me To Help Her With Her Personal Work. I Feel Like I Always Have To Say Yes Because She’s The Boss, But Sometimes I Would Prefer To Focus On My Actual Work. How Should I Deal With This?

We are a small group of five professionals. The CEO asks me for personal favours during office hours (example: help me choose a venue for my next party). I want to say no but could not as she is my boss. How to deal with this situation?

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During Performance Review Meeting, My Feedback Regarding Team Members Leaked Back To My Team. This Created A Lot Of Tension And Made Me A ‘Bad Person’ In The Team. How Should I Deal With This Situation?

We have a 360-degree performance review process where HR calls for feedback on team members and immediate seniors from every employee. I was new to the company and openly shared my views the first time I was called for the review process. This later leaked back to my team and people feel like I have acted like a traitor. This is resulting into team members not cooperating with me. I tried talking but it did not help. Others got defensive and did not understand my viewpoint. What should I do in such situations?

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How Do I Convince My New Employer If I Don’t Have A Relieving Letter Or Experience Or Resignation Acceptance Letter From My Previous Employer?

I've mailed my resignation to my manager but he hasn't replied over that mail. I have got a new job and they want me to join as soon as possible. How should I convince my new employer as they want all the documents including relieving letter, experience and resignation acceptance letter from my previous employer?

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