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Wired Or Weird?

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Mood Sweater
You remember when mood rings were in vogue? Well, imagine the concept scaled to the very clothes you wear. Sensoree, a company experimenting with new ways of communicating, has come up with a measure of arousal called GER or Galvanic Extimacy Response, Extimacy being  externally directed intimacy. The garment that achieves this is a sweater that, by all accounts, looks ridiculous and actually includes some wiring form the hand up to the sweater's oversized peculiar collar. It's the collar that lights up to indicate the wearer's mood and arousal. A video shows a woman wearing the sweater, looking like an alien, with the collar turning purple as a man passes by. What purpose it serves to blatantly signal to the world, emotions or instinctual reactions that are transmitted more subtly in real life, is of course, beyond most people.

Roll-up TV
We've been hearing of flexible screens for a while now but LG has moved significantly ahead with making it a reality. It's still probably two years away though. LG is using a polymer material to make a full, rollable television and is even transparent. It's thin and rolled up becomes quite a small package which means portability from one part of the house to the other and easier shipping. But think of it. You could soon be commanding your dog to go fetch the TV, not the newspaper.

AC On Your Wrist
Seeing that air-conditioning is so necessary and so expensive and energy consuming, the folks at MIT are working on a different approach to staying cool. A device that sits on your wrist in a bracelet form and will transmit cool and warm pulses to regulate the temperature of the body, as reported by Wired. What long-term effect this could have is not clear but it could certainly end all arguments about what temperature a room should ideally be.

A Charge In Your Pants
Well, why not? The front pocket of your trousses are a good a place as any to charge your phone. Nokia -- very much into wireless charging -  and designer A. Sauvage decided to put that thought into practice and came up with a pair of pants that use the inductive charging technology of a Nokia DC-50 wireless charging plate for Lumia smartphones. It isn't clear where the charge really comes from, but the pants - for men - are said to be very fashionable.

It's In The Handlebars
When you have everything connected why leave out the humble bicycle? Why not bring GPS to the handlebars of a bike? This is still in the Kickstarter stage but it doesn't seem difficult to do. The bike is meant to connect to a smartphone. Of course, you could as well use the phone, but the idea is to reduce distractions.