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Why Indian Mirth Over Trump May Be Misplaced

The Indians who felt elated over Donald Trump's victory received a rude shock when an Indian engineer was killed in a hate crime

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It would not be a hyperbole if one says that elation erupted in the Indian community soon after the victory of Donald Trump is proving a nine-day wonder. A western political commentator Richard Hexon had very well summed up and said: "India felt more mirth than the US people when Donald Trump trumpeted in US presidency braving ocean of odds and obstacles put against him by his own country counterpart". The mirth continued till the time Trump was sworn-in as US President. Be recalled, Trump addressing soon after the swearing-in as the next president was characterized with essence of Modi-effects or modification as was his speech surcharged with aroused-nationalism. But cheers and emotionally surcharged ambience prevailed across India were backed and based on a clear cut policy, adopted and announced by Donald Trump against terrorism. But the day an India-born software engineer was shot dead at Kansas City of US in what is still believed to be a hate crime just because the victim was not a US citizen, elation that had gripped the Indians psyche after Donald Trump was elected to US presidency, got shocker.

In the second such successive racially driven incident occurred in the first week of March when a 39-year-old India-born Sikh Deep Roy was shot dead by US-born assailants hysterically shouting at him to 'Go back to your own country'. This recklessness of racial hatred as is now called commonly continued unabated and was followed by the third such incident when some US born assailants gunned down yet another India-born Harish Patel, who had been living in US along with his family for last 14 years. The assailants rebuked him and were heard shouting the same one-liner hatred-slogan that was heard being shouted during the earlier killings. Taken together, all those three unprecedented and unexpected incidents had put a big question mark on a big country like US and its cosmopolitan characters.

The racially driven violence is spreading like a wild fire across the US. Creating a subsequent atmosphere in the wake of Trump government and it goes beyond a comprehension. As is still known globally, US as a cosmopolitan nation has been maintaining a different and distinguished identity in the world wherein, till today, millions of citizens belonging to around 300 other nationalities reside. The Americans bare their hearts to such a great extent that provided comfortable stay to whosoever arrived here with a dream. The contributions of talented people, settled or stayed in US cannot be overlooked or denied out rightly in transforming US as the world's most powerful and prosperous country-able to attack and affect any other counter parts through air, land or sky. Be it through mighty military power or through the stout economical power.

An adage still goes across the US, "The US on earth can keep a vigil even on the movement of a hair of animal". In almost all the US based organisation and institution or business wings, contributions and talents of Indian born US people are well known and accepted. Be it in health sectors, or financial managements or marketing or the leaps of NASA in space superiority, Indians have shown their mettles brilliantly. Despite all this, if US government reduces the quota of H+1 Visa; it will not make as much more effect on India or its people settled or staying in US as it may prove detrimental to continuous developments in US.

The Indians-born blessed with talents, can make out their ways and place anywhere they go the way as water adjusts it size and shape by creating a space for it. If this kind of impractical political and governance wisdoms of Trump continue further, US is bound to face an unprecedented and very much damaging problems, which may ultimately push it a century back where it was once in the annals of inadvancements-in terms of technology, information, intelligence, economics and in terms of whatever as a mighty nation the US
claims to have in possessions. Steps taken in hurry or unwisely to reduce the issuance of H+1 visas would dampen the US spirits as 'hell-one 'visa.

The issuance of reduced number of H+1 US visas on the part of Trump led government will certainly give a boost to the economy of Canada and other European countries."There would be a silver-line like benefiting situation to US's adjoining other developed nations", is what now a galaxy of internationally acclaimed economists presume rightly in the backdrop of H+1 US visas controversy. As per conservative figures, around 1.66 lakhs Indian students are enrolled in US's different educational institutions. If the US fails to act wisely on such issues, will anyone who owes even a bit of emotion with their wards, allow them on study or services tours to US? This is, in particular, not applicable or of serious concern to India only. There are a number of other countries whereby the migrations of students for higher education to US go high.

Let me cite a simple incident one of my friend residing in US cited recently to me.

Though it may sound a simple but merits a very serious attention. Once an Indian family in New York had been frying Indian curry, the smell emanated and the moment a neighbor family of US got it, the neighbour US family got infuriated and arrived along with 15 to 20 other US people and started rebuking to that Indian family. What to speak of this only, some US youths flashed this racially as hatred over local community radio and shared on the social media asking the Indian people to go back. This kind of happening cannot be construed as a simple one. If it happens in interiors of US, one can for a fact take it somewhat lightly. A major fear-psychosis is created when it happens in a city like New York, which claims to be a mega city of cosmopolitan characters.

The racially driven animosity is getting filled up in the hearts and psyches of US people leading to a major unrest on the basis of racial identity. In such emerging detrimental citizens-affecting scenario, the onus of tackling it lies morally as well as politically to the head of country and protects the nationals of other countries. The inability of government in tackling such racially hatred provoking crimes will put the government in dock globally resulting into a manageable loss of human resources.

Disseminating a message that US belongs to US only drastically blurs the reputation and damages the economy of the country concerned. If we go through the pages of history, it goes without saying that when the entire Europe, Japan and Russia were reeling under the plights of Word War I, then US president Thomas Woodery Wilson had opened the gate to the talented people from across the world to US. Genius of those ages like Einstein and others had settled in US and created records in their respective fields. Henceforth, the scientific advancements in US started taking shapes to place the country on the top of power and prosperity.

Imagine a while, had Einstein not migrated to US from Germany, certainly Germany would have had become what today US is in the scientific advancements and prowess. It is not that other US presidents of last 20 previous years had not felt pressure on the needs of creating more and more jobs for the eligible youths of US. Even Barack Obama had also asked the US youths and students to work hard to surpass the working efficiency of Indian born people by virtue of talents and toils together. But that call of Obama did not act to break social equality and regional manageability of US and Obama maintaining a middle and acceptable way in governance succeeded in keeping the country as favourite and fine destinations to other nationals in superlative degrees. All the predecessors of Obama maintained it that was well suited to US growth and grandeur.

Donald Trump should take a lesson at least from his predecessors Roosevelt and Wissions in maintaining the US's global USPs. It is not being found imperative to arouse the emotion of people just for the sake of wining the elections and thereafter start playing with their emotion through ruining the economy. It would certainly prove an internecine to US if not checked soon and successfully by Trump, who is not getting proved somewhat speaker more and server less for the world community keeping watch on him and his styles.
Let me cite an example from Great Britain when the country had elected Disraeli as PM igniting a debate across the world as how can a Jew be elected PM between the catholic and the protestant?

But history shows still that no other PM proved more successful than Disraeli in Great Britain. This is what has made both the US and the Great Britain distinguished from others.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

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Upendrra Rai

The author is CEO & Editor In Chief of Tehelka

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