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When You Are Challenged Come Back To Your Heart, Envision What You Want And Enroll People

"Three keys that women need to not be afraid of in order to rise are; Navigate, Network and Negotiate," said Sonja Price

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While the lines of gender roles are slowly being obliterated, we still cannot ignore the presence of both the masculine and feminine energy inherent across genders. It is usually blindly instilled that you are either male or female, with little to zero discussion on the fact that everyone has both aspects in their physical and spiritual makeup. 

In fact many people have been taught to either ignore those opposing qualities or that they should grow out of them. It is not necessary to indulge in male bashing and demonize the masculine in order to bring more power to female energy. It is important to accept and balance both energies to function optimally in all areas of your life.

If you are a woman, do not be afraid to welcome the masculine and do something competitive, test your physical strength, construct projects, approach things analytically or tune off when you are done with work.

In the same breath if you are a man do not hesitate to welcome the feminine energy, create art, welcome emotions, nurture and allow your intuition to kick in from time to time.

There is no hard and fast rule about which energy should be in play as your life is in constant motion. Change is certain so take each moment of balance as they come. Depending on the task at hand be malleable and open to change the frequency of your energy.

Sonja Price, a Career, Leadership, Wealth Strategist and an author of the upcoming book, ‘The Infinite Leader: How to Make a Big Impact, Faster Than You Think Possible,’ has dealt with personal adversity and has come out stronger with a greater awareness of the play of energies within. 

At the Women Economic Forum which took place recently, Sonja Price and Shenal Arimilli had an interesting discussion on the importance of how Male Psychology is Crucial for Women's Optimum Growth.

Sonja has 15 years of corporate experience and is extremely passionate about women empowerment.

“Gender lines are beginning to blur. Most of my role models have been men which have caused me to be aggressive and assertive. I am now seeking out feminine role models, doing research and reading extensively on feminine and masculine energies and the specific traits that tend to show up in masculine and feminine energies,” Sonja believes.

Sonja noticed how the excess of masculine energy was coming in her way and has worked extensively on herself to soften and allow the feminine energy to flow as well.

As a result of her journey she has identified three keys that women need to not be afraid of in order to rise:




Elaborating that, “Many times women are not clear about where they want their career path and keep wondering what the next step should be. As networkers, be aware of whom are you networking with. Who do you choose to network with? Men or women? Broaden your horizons and do not be afraid of interacting with men but be clear about your intentions. Be aware of how you show up and present yourself. What do you wear?” 

According to research, in comparison with men, women do not negotiate hard for their salary.

Sonja strongly advises women to create a level playing field. “Negotiate our salaries from every point of view, embodying that trait that asserts you and takes you to the next level. Believe that you are worthy,” she stresses.

The play field centuries ago had a completely different landscape. We cannot deny the role of our ancestry in the flow of gender energy.

“Our ancestors had clearly delineated roles. It was about instinctive survival. The lines were not grey. How men and women behave is energetically imprinted,” highlights Shenal Arimilli transformational coach from the US.

According to Arimilli, as everything in the world is energy (which has Scientifically proven), energy cannot be created or destroyed only transformed, the same is applicable to gender roles too. It is important for women to understand how men think too.

According to Shenal, it is with technology, advancements etc. now the roles are becoming grey.

“Women are naturally nurturers, collaborators and community builders. It’s in our nature. Men on the other side were hunters, warriors, protectors, soldiers. And we complain that they don’t feel? As the world changes we must find the patience, tolerance and understand to take this information to reintegrate. Begin changing the dialogue at home as women and learn to say I needed a hug not control. That changes everything,” she believes.

Shenal is a cancer survivor who at one point was given only two weeks to live.

“Along with my journey, I learned a lot and became spiritually conscious. Everything I work with people, health, wealth, love or spiritual awakening is rooted in a relationship. When our homes are battlefields we put out the vibration of war outside in the world. We need to become inclusive as a race. Put down women’s lib and embrace human lib,” she stressed.

The energy that we share with the other sex is important, according to Shenal, expressing that, “If we understand where the control issue of dynamics are rooted, half the battle is won and we can create a shift. The battle of the sexes will diminish and we will find harmony and change with the people that we communicate with daily. With that level of understanding.”

Shenal believes that change starts in the heart and that we don’t look outside for things to change. She says that, “When you are challenged come back to your heart. Envision what you want and enroll people. What is the message you take to others?”

Choose the words that they will understand, which will shift dynamics in that relationship. Reclaim your power, don’t look outside for people to change. When we change ourselves and take responsibility of the veils of ancestors, change begins. Start with yourself and thoughts.”

Create the change with responsibility, one thought at a time embracing gender roles and differences in your stride.

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