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Weekly Horoscope: May 10 – May 16, 2021

What does the next week have in store for you? Carrying forward the late Bejan Daruwala’s legacy, the authors guide you to make the most of what life has to offer

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Ganesha says this week you will feel more connected to yourself. You will manage your timings well this week. About your professional fronts, you will have to be more cautious about your investment in the first half of the week. You will make a mess if you make a mistake of putting your feet in several different things. If you are into business, second half of the week will be more suitable for you as Jupiter will retrograde in a good position. If you are doing a job, you might not like how things flow at the workplace but maintain your composure.

On your romantic fronts, your partner will stay by your side this week. They will help you fight the odds. You both will try to see things by each other ‘s perspectives. About your health, you will go through headaches in the middle of the week but you will be fine eventually.


Ganesha says this week you will be in the mood rectify your mistakes. You will make good use of your talent. You will also incline towards self-betterment goals you made but did not follow earlier. On your professional fronts, you will earn good profits. It’s a good time to purchase property as you will get the good bargain. You will not go through any losses this week. If you are into daily jobs, overtime on the Friday will ruin your mood but week end plans will make it up to the overtime. This week stay away from Water signs in terms of business. 

About your relationship fronts, your partner and you will have a stable relationship this week. Couple with kids will blame each other for the upbringing of the kids but things will settle before the next week starts. About your health fronts, you will not go through any health issues. You will rather feel relaxed and energetic throughout the week.


Ganesha says this week will be a sort of blessing for you dear Gemini natives. You will become more of a planer than someone who do things abruptly. If you are thinking to start anything new-fangled, well this is nit the right time duration to start but it’s a good time to plan. About your professional fronts, you will be able to make it to your goals this week. You will also address the elephant in the room this week and you will praised for this courage. Share market will fluctuate this week therefore keep yourself alert on all the days.

About your romantic fronts, your partner and you will try out new things at home and this will kind of get you indulged in moments which will bring you closer. You will not find the right match if you are looking for the arranged marriage thing, give some time as someone who is written in your destiny is still waiting for you. about your health, you will be fine this week just look after your allergy issues.


Ganesha says this week you will find it difficult to deal with people. You will stay frustrated and this will affect your peace. You will feel better as Friday arrives. About your professional fronts, you will not be able to take big risks this week but you must surely invest in short term projects. If you are into medical field, third and fourth day of the week will be very hectic for you. It’s a good time for all the professional people to do charity work or do something for a social cause.

About romantic fronts, you will be more incline towards self-centredness this week. Your partner will agree to give you your space but do not ignore them completely. If you are married, you will plan to become new parent this week as your fifth house suggests that. About your health, you will have to be more careful about the pandemic this week. Try to follow the home remedies to boost your immunity.


Ganesha says this week will be fortunate period for you dear Virgo as favourable alignment od the Sun and Mercury in your zodiac will bestow blessings upon you. about your professional fronts, people in the field of automobiles and engineering will reap amazing yields. People involved in the job will have to let the half week pass to hear the good news at the workplace. you will be able to pay back the borrowed money this week.

On romantic fronts, this week will be tough for the relationships were both the partners are in the same profession. For singles looking out for a partner, Aquarius and Libra will be the most compatible zodiacs for you. about your health, you will feel alright this week. You can go out for adventure during the weekend.


Ganesha says this week you will watch over the positive effects of the brightening up of the third house. Your communication and good attributes will attract good and advantageous people towards you. On your professional fronts, you might get confused between equally good things in the first three days of the week but the other half of the week will bring you clarity. You will gain straight forward benefits if you are working in wholesale and manufacturing business. You might have to strain your finances in the end of the week. 

In the second half of the week, you will also see your love life blooming like never before. Your partner will stay more attracted towards you due to the effect of Venus on their zodiac. About your health, you will feel alright in the second half of the week while first half of the week can get a little tiring. Beware of negative energies on Wednesday.


Ganesha says you've been putting yourself under a lot of stress for a long time. This week will be a time for you to unwind. The good times you've been looking forward to have finally turn up. These seven days will alter several aspects of your life. This week, your intuition will reveal some truth, and you will have to make some difficult decisions. In a professional level, you'll seek help from people with whom you don't get along, but whose opinions would be valuable to you. You will be able to surface your to-do lists, and your extra focus on your job will eventually yield fruitful results. A minor loss will strike you when you are too preoccupied with calculating your earnings. In a nutshell, this week's theme is learning new stuff.

On the relationship front, there are likely to be some problems due to rejection from your partner's or your own family, and you must give it time to recuperate, and the right time will come. Married couples will make time to reconcile with one another and regain their hearts' positions. You'll succumb to laziness, and you'll be tired and grouchy all of the time. To remain healthy this week, try to establish a morning routine of strength training or brisk walking. Your immune system will need more energy this week.


Ganesha says this week you will go through vivid experiences. You will make the most from your capabilities. You will also lose your temper over things you must take easy therefore be careful. About your professional fronts, you will have to think thrice about your investments.  You will make a mistake of diverging your funds over wrong projects in the second half of the week.  Make sure you avoid share market on the Tuesday and Thursday of this week. People in family business will not go through anything major this week.

 On romantic fronts, you and your partner will have a tough time managing your relationship this week. You will stay apart due to work but weekend will cross a good distance. About your health, you might feel a little tired on each day of the week but being consistent about your workout throughout the work will bring good results.


Ganesha says Your heart health will need special attention and treatment in the coming week. Avoid engaging in any strenuous exercise or running schedule. If you must fly long distances, try to do so with a companion. On a professional level, you can make some rash decisions. Try not to rush into things and double-check all details before signing something. Your impatience will prevent you from making the best choices, so try to maintain calm. There will be a doubt that something will go wrong, but don't be concerned.

In terms of romance, your partner is likely to surprise you with something you didn't expect. This weeks’ time spent with your partner will be remembered fondly by you both for a long time. Since Venus is in your favour, singles are more likely to find anyone special.


Ganesha says you have a lot going on this week, with promotions and appraisals on the way. This is an excellent time to form a partnership with your mates. Bring up the roadmap of your project with a knowledgeable management consultant at the end of this week and, and always follow their advice. This zodiac is receiving a special blessing from Jupiter. The middle of the week would be an excellent time to invest in the stock market. This week, the tasks you finished in the previous few weeks will pay off.

On sentimental grounds, the ending of the week would be ideal time to let your family understand your partner. Your family will take some time to consider your spouse but eventually they will approve it. Allow time to take its course rather than trying too hard. A married couple will reflect on their past experiences, and an incident will bring them closer together, allowing them to rekindle their romance. This week, you may experience problems with your respiratory system, so try to spend as much time as possible in nature and in an unpolluted environment.


Ganesha says this week you will have to push yourself a little. Your ideologies will change a lot this week. You will outsmart yourself due to the knowledge you will acquire. About your professional fronts, you will make your work detailed and this meticulous approach will stand you out. It would be a good week for doctors and engineers while people in technical field will have the hard time in the second half of the week. You will not have to worry about the financial stability throughout the week. 

About your romantic fronts, you will spend good time with your partner this week. For people looking out to fix the dates of the marriage, Wednesday and Friday will be the right time to have that conversations your seventh house will be quiet enhance don those days. About your health fronts, you will have to stay away from things you are allergic to. Make sure you meditate on all the days of the week.


Ganesha says this week will feel elongated than the preceding one because you will not be repressed in work but rather will be free. This week will provide you with opportunities for reflection, and you will discover more about yourself that you were previously unaware of. You won't be as busy on the professional front, but the little work you do will make a big difference. Your ability to lead can be put to good use in decentralising responsibilities. You will be able to spend a lot of time with your family and friends at home.

Love will finally reach your life on a romantic level. They will be able to see your attempts to please your soulmate. You are a generous individual, but this week, set a cap to help your partner recognise your worth. A short trip is planned for married couples in the region. This week will be dedicated to acclimating to each other's new habits. In terms of fitness, your ignorance will force you to see a doctor. If you have diabetes, you must be extra cautious about what you eat.  

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

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