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Weekly Horoscope: 21-27 June

What does the next week have in store for you? Carrying forward the late Bejan Daruwala’s legacy, the authors guide you to make the most of what life has to offer

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Ganesha says plans made this week will provide wonderful results in the future, but don't put all your faith in one person, no matter how smart they are. This week will allow you to fine-tune your connection, and the weekend will bring a pleasant twist from your spouse. The first four days are not conducive to discussing marriage, so be careful.

You'll have to cope with deficits this week as a result of past blunders. In terms of your wellness, the second quarter of the week will be concerning because an old affliction will return, but don't worry; things will recover quicker. Avoid renting or selling bonds or real estate this week because Jupiter will be in an unfavourable position. People who work on a regular basis will make a lot of money.


Ganesha says this week, you will experience religious proclivity, which will make you feel calm. You will treasure the time you spend with your spouse as your level of awareness deepens and your previous difficulties go away. When it comes to your Venus, you'll need to take the appropriate precautions since you'll be bothered by some unforeseen transformations. Someone significant will enter your life to offer you a little push in the right direction if you have always lacked motivation.

This week, you will work away from home, and the location to which you will go to and fro will provide you with chances that are greater than you anticipated. Don't panic if you take the day off the midst of the week; your vacation will be approved. This week, engineers and technologists will have to cope with the concept of over time. You'll be alright in the end, nothing will disturb you.


Ganesha says you will begin the week with new goals in mind, and the first day of this week will provide you with more even affirmation that you are on the correct path. Before the week is out, you'll be able to conquer your fears, which will make your week even more memorable. On the fifth and sixth days of the week, new friendships will bloom, but do not put your confidence in anybody. Although you may not want to spend as much time with your relatives this week, your kids will undoubtedly grow in popularity.

This week, you'll have to be wary with back aches and stomach difficulties in terms of your health. Don't be sluggish; instead, infuse some vitality and positive aspirations. Being upbeat this week can assist you in making beneficial changes.


Ganesha says this week, you will be welcomed for who you truly are. You will organize activities about which you were previously unaware. You will have the opportunity to make some conditions. this makes that you should have prepared previously. You will be able to compile a list of your capabilities in today ’s fast moving enterprise, and you will be able to create essential connections with ease. Apart from that, your spouse will provide you with the necessary medium in the form of help, which will benefit you. This week will provide consciousness to someone who has always doubted themselves.

On the home front, several long-standing difficulties will be resolved this week, and a fresh start will be greeted with positive news. This week, you should avoid buying stocks. Your Jupiter and Mercury will both remain in a solid position, so there is nothing to be concerned about.


Ganesha says things that are letting you down will be ruled out. Instead of being very analytical this week, you may lean on your faith and religion. In terms of your fitness, you will notice slight alterations in your respiratory process this week, but nothing to be concerned about; everything will settle down for the rest of the week. On the home front, you'll run into some problems around the centre of the week, so be cautious what you say.

In terms of your love life, this week will be beneficial for you and your spouse, as you will be able to deepen your bond and go on an outing. In terms of your professional life, you'll have a lot on your plate this week. Your bosses will congratulate you on your perseverance. You will make some big adjustments to your available daily, but only for the better. This week, don't make any real estate purchases.


Ganesha says during this week, you will feel engaged and just a little pressured as a hectic schedule hangs on your shoulders. Managing your professional life would become too challenging for you. You will get yourself into difficulty this week, despite the fact that you are anybody who meticulously organises everything. On the love side, the first portion of the week will go well since your spouse will understand your job pressures, but the second half of the week will be somewhat off track. This week will not be difficult on the personal front, although small disputes may arise towards the ending of the week.

In terms of your wellbeing, this week will be beneficial to you since you will be able to keep your routine while also finding the proper person to help you with your medicine and health. Everything your children have to give will require your concentration in the second portion of the week. Make sure you don't become overly sensitive and instead remain logical.


Ganesha says the message for the week might be 'Heading In the right direction.' In the first part of the week, you'll be walking on a rocky route, but it'll lead you to a rewarding conclusion. You will choose things that will assist you in turning the desks. Don't waste your precious time seeking for a chance out the frame, especially towards the end of the week. Rather, take on the responsibility of resolving unresolved issues. Business fronts appear to be mildly stronger this week than the previous week.

This week, your illness will trouble you a bit, especially on the second and third days of the week, so take care. Venus will align in such a way that you will be financially benefited. Make sure you're up to date on all of the alterations this week on all frontiers.


Ganesha says this week, your connection appears to be reinforced as your spouse takes on the role of caregiver. You will feel unique about a variety of things, not just because of your wife's attempts, but also because of your father's actions. You would become more interested in things that require your focus this week. It will not go well this week if you are domineering over others. Almost all of this will arrive at the spot before the conclusion of the week.

You are one of those who often just maintains the highest levels of compassion and tranquillity. Due to your calm demeanour, you will be held in more regard this week. You've been wanting to start a new business effectively, and you'll be able to accomplish it this week because you'll make the proper connections over the first part of the week. Make sure you're not led astray, particularly over the Saturday.


Ganesha says your week will go just as planned. You will make yourself feel great. You will develop in a variety of ways, one of which will be intellectual vision. You will attend discussions at your work at the outset of the week. Take advantage of the first few days to make major decisions, since the Sun will shine on your third house. This week will be a nice one for you at work.

You'll have a hard time staying on course in the second portion of the week. To complete what you have planned, you will have to force yourself even harder. You will make new commitments this week, and you will begin working on it on the fourth day of the week. By the end of the week, your operating area will have shifted. During the week, Venus will be on your side, allowing you to make progress in your connection. Because of your hectic schedule, your spouse will anticipate little from you this week, but you should still attempt to be there. Your wellness will be OK during the week as well.


Ganesha says make sure you fulfil your obligations this week. By the middle of the week, your kids will be in need of medical treatment. Make sure you're available when they need you. In terms of your company, you may have unforeseen events in the mid of the week, but things will calm down and you will not struggle financially. Have a fantastic week of the month.

Many nice things are going to happen on the love facets as your Mars retrogrades in a highly good place. In the first half of the week, there will be discussion of a commitment or matrimony, but don't get swept away with all that is spoken to you. You'll be too busy in the second section of the week to think about anyone else. You'll be in the position to listen to yourself and your close friends.


Ganesha says this week, the movement in your third house will present multiple adjustments. Even if there will be nothing to bother about this week, you must be cautious of misleading others. This week, you need to find a helpful hand. You will get answers to virtually all of your queries by the second half of the week, or before Tuesday. Your condition will undoubtedly improve as the weekend approaches.

You'll get yourself into difficulty in the first part of the week due to your proclivity for overcomplicating even basic situations. This is the tip you must follow every day this week: don't bite off more than you can chew. In terms of your love life, your lover will pay you more visits than you thought, which will make you mentally lethargic as well. This week, you'll feel a little overloaded by home obligations. Make certain you don't fail in any of your endeavours. Aquarius, you are a modest person, and nothing will change that. This week, this wonderful quality will bring you more than you could have imagined.


Ganesha says your week will get off to a fantastic start since you will be able to make a significant change in your regimen. Don't worry, these little adjustments will only be beneficial. By the centre of the week, you should be pretty much done, because the ending of the week has a bunch of treats in store for you. Because your Mars isn't in a better position this week, you should befriend too many people. In terms of your job, you'll notice that you're getting back to normal a little this week, and this habit of hanging on the tip of your seat to witness the result will help you learn a lot. As a Pisces native, you must not expect big endeavours and instead concentrate on little ones.

Your love life will blossom this week, but your spouse's new mindset is doubtful. Even if you have always been sensitive to their feelings, you will struggle to comprehend their conflicting feelings. By the end of the week, your family will be clamouring for some care. Even if your fitness will be in fantastic shape, you will need to take extra precautions, particularly on Friday. Don't worry, Pisces, you'll put up some impressive statistics!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

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