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Weekly Horoscope: 20 to 26 September

What does the 20 - 26 Setember, 2021, period have in store for you? carrying forward the late Bejan Daruwala’s legacy, the authors offer clues to making the most of what life has to offer Read More

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'Making good progress,' for example, could be the statement for the week for you dear Aries. You'll be strolling on a winding path for the first part of the week, but it'll lead you to a lucrative final result. You will select items that will help you flip the game.  Don't squander your time looking for a way out of the beam, especially as the week draws to a close. Instead, take on the burden of addressing ongoing difficulties. This week, corporate facades have seemed to be marginally better than the preceding seven days.

Your bond it seems to be strengthened this week as your partner takes charge of parenting. You will feel different in a number of different ways, not only as a result of your wife's efforts, but also as a result of your parent's wise words. This week, you'll be more curious about topics that necessitate your full attention. If you are lording it over others this week, things won't get any better. Almost everything will be conveyed to the destination even before week ends.


You're one of those people who always manages to ensure the strongest thresholds of kindness and contentment. This week, you will be valued more highly due to your charming personality. You've wanted to start a small company successfully for a while, and you'll be able to do so this week since you'll make the necessary links during the first half of the week. Make certain you're not lured away, especially on Weekend.

This week, your ailment will cause you some discomfort, particularly on the third and fourth days of the week, so be cautious. Planets will coincide in a manner that will help you fiscally. Ensure you're updated on this whole week's changes on all of the fringes.


Your week will go according to the way you blueprinted it.   You're going to feel fantastic. You'll grow in a lot of reasons, one of which is erudite perception. At the start of the week, you will engage in conversations at your workplace. Because the Light will rise on your second house during the first few days, take privilege of the change to decide things. You'll have a good week at job this week.

As your Saturn eccentric orbits in a strongly positive location, a couple of beautiful things will happen on the love front. There will be talk of marriage or loyalty in the first half of the week, but don't get absorbed with everything that is said to each other. In the second half of the week, you'll be too preoccupied with yourself to think about anyone or anything. You'll be able to listen to oneself as well as your close family.


This week, make sure you stick to your commitments dear Cancer natives. Your children will require medical attention by the midst of the week. Make certain you'll be accessible when they require your assistance. In terms of your business, unpredictable situations may occur in the middle of the week, but things will settle down and you will not be underpaid and overworked. Have a most wonderful week of the month.

In the second half of the week, you'll have a tough time keeping on track. You'll have to push oneself even extra hard to finish what you've planned. This week, you will create additional responsibilities and resume work on them on the fourth day of the week. Your functioning area will have transitioned by the end of the week. Planets will be on your side this week, ability to make improvements in your relationship. Your partner will expect little from you this week due to your heavy workload, but you should still make an effort to be there. All week, your health will be OK.


Significant changes will be made this week due to the shift in your fourth house. Even if you don't have anything to worry about this week, you must be careful not to distort the truth. You'll need to locate a helping hand this week. By the second half of the week, or by Wednesday, you should have answers to almost all of your questions. As the weekend arrives, your situation will drastically enhance.

This week, your romantic life will grow, but your partner's new outlook may be questioned. Even if you've always been attentive to their sentiments, you'll find it difficult to understand their contradictory emotions. Your family will be begging for help before the end of the week. Even if your physical health is excellent, you should take extra care, especially on Thursday. Don't worry, you'll come up with some fantastic numbers!


You'll have a great start to the week since you'll be able to make a big adjustment to your routine. Don't worry, these little tweaks will only benefit you. You should be almost done by the middle of the week, since the end of the week has a slew of surprises in waiting list. You shouldn't associate to many folks this week because your Saturn isn't in a better place. In terms of your employment, you'll note that things are starting to return this week, and this tendency of perching on the verge of giving up to see the outcome will help you learn a lot. As a spirited individual, you should not anticipate great things and should rather focus on small matters.

Due to your tendency for overhyping even fundamental issues, you'll find yourself in trouble in the first half of the week. This is the one rule you must observe this week: don't take on more than you can handle. In terms of your romantic life, your sweetheart will pay you more visits than you anticipated, causing you to get psychologically drowsy as well. You'll be feeling a little overburdened by domestic responsibilities this week. Make assured that none of your efforts collapse. You are a humble person, Virgo, and nothing will modify that. This excellent characteristic will offer you greater than you might have hoped for this week.


Arrangements established this week will yield fantastic pay off in the end dear Libra natives, but don't place all your reliance in one project or idea regardless however brilliant you think it is. This week will give you the opportunity to smoothen your relationship, and the Saturday will offer a wonderful surprise from your partner. The first two days are the best time to talk about marriage, so make a move accordingly.

You will be working a lot over your home and family this week, and the place to which you will travel will present you with opportunities that are larger than you expected. If you take a weekday off in the middle of the week, don't worry; your getaway will be permitted. Architects and programmers will be dealing with the idea of beyond clock this week. Everything will be OK in the conclusion; hardly anything will bother you.


You will have a mystical inclination this week, which will make you feel tranquil. As your level of understanding grows and your prior issues slowly disappear, you will cherish every moment you invest with your partner. When it comes to your Jupiter, you'll need to take extra measures since you'll be troubled by some unexpected changes. If you have always needed drive, someone essential will approach your path by giving you a modest nudge in the correct sense.

As a product of previous errors, you'll have to deal with liabilities in the week. In terms of your health, the second quarter of the week will be worrying since an old ailment will resurface; nevertheless, don't panic; things will improve faster. This week, Venus will be in a disadvantageous stance, so resist borrowing or issuing assets or mortgage lending. Individuals who operate on a consistent basis can earn a fortune.


You'll start the week with fresh purposes in heart, and the first day will offer you with more consistent confirmation that you're on the right track dear Sagittarius. You'll be able to overcome your anxieties by the end of the week, making your days even more unforgettable. Bonds with people will grow on the third and fifth days of the week, but don't put your trust in anyone. Even if you don't want to devote as much quality moments with your family this week, your children will certainly become more renowned.

On the domestic front, a number of hard issues will be addressed this week, and a new beginning will be met with good word. You should refrain from acquiring equities this week. There is little to be alarmed about since both Venus and Mars will remain in a secure place.


You will be embraced because of who you have become after quite a progress recently.  You'll develop goals that you were formerly ignorant of. You will have the option of imposing certain restrictions. As a result, you should have carefully coordinated. In today's fast-paced business environment, you'll be able to construct a list of your skills and make critical contacts with convenience. In addition, your partner will offer you with the required space in the form of assistance, which will be beneficial to you. Somebody who has long questioned oneself will gain enlightenment this week.

In terms of your body, you'll have to be careful of cramps and gastrointestinal problems this week. Instead of being lethargic, inject some vigor and optimistic goals. Being positive this week might help you make significant improvements.


Dear Aquarius natives, things that aren't working for you will be eliminated by the destiny this week. This week, rather than being overly intellectual, you could depend on your religious convictions. In terms of your individual personality, you'll notice little changes in your behavior this week, but don't worry; it will all calm back a bit for the remainder of the week. On the domestic front, towards the middle of the week, you'll hit into some issues, so be careful about collective decisions. 

This week will be helpful to your wellness since you will be able to maintain your regimen while also choosing the perfect person to assist you with your nutrition and medical. In the second half of the week, whatever your children have to contribute will demand your whole attention. Maintain your rational nature and avoid being excessively sympathetic.


As a tight agenda hovers over your heads this week, you'll feel involved and a bit pushed. Handling your careers would be too difficult for you to bear. Deny the reality that you are someone who painstakingly prepares things, you will have a tough week. On the romantic front, the first part of the week will go well since your partner understands your work responsibilities, but the second quarter of the week will get a little off course. On a social basis, this week will not be challenging, however minor squabbles may emerge near the conclusion of the week.

This week will be good for your marriage life since you and your wife will be able to strengthen your relationship and go on a vacation. This week, you'll have a plenty on your schedule in terms of your work life. Your superiors will commend you on your tenacity. You'll make some significant changes to your daily schedule, but only for the better. Do not make any serious property acquisitions this week.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

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