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Weekly Horoscope: 2 August to 8 August, 2021

What does the 2 - 8 August, 2021, period have in store for you? carrying forward the late Bejan Daruwala’s legacy, the authors offer clues to making the most of what life has to offer Read More

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Ganesha says this week you will make a huge difference in someone's life dear Aries. You will be able to Crack the code to people's heart. You will also make some efforts to change your bad habits into good ones. You are more likely to get yourself in order to deal with the difficult situations at your workplace arising in the second half of the week. If you are an investor, make sure you do not make any heavy investments before Friday this week.

About your relationship fronts, you will be able to make your partner feel secure and wanted by being there for them throughout the week. Marital relationships will also improve this week. Your health will need some attention this week as you will suffer from minor headaches and back pains.


Your struggle will be over, Taurus natives. You'll notice that you've stepped out of your personal bubble. You'll be surprised at how others react to your suggestions and ideas. This week, you'll face your worst fears. In terms of your work career, as your second house implies, you will make a lot of money and new opportunities will present themselves, but you will still be dissatisfied with your experiences. If you trade stocks, this week will be quite profitable for you.

Your connection with your brother and sister will increase greatly, and everything will return to normal. This week, your relationship with your life partner or love interest will be evolving. Your partner will adore the way you assist them in resolving household and social difficulties. This week, your attitude towards fitness will change. This week, you'll also begin a new workout routine.


This week, you'll concentrate on self-improvement. Your behavioural pattern will be improvised. You'll also seek solace in the company of others. It'll take a while, but your dread of missing out will fade away. This week, you'll be able to earn extra. Your business will be influenced by the new policies that your tenth home suggests. If you have a job, your week will be challenging yet rewarding.

At terms of your connection with your companion, you will be in a good place. You'll be relieved to see your spouse putting forward effort. This week, expectant parents must exercise extreme caution. You will not have any health problems, but new mothers should be cautious about their new-born’s health.


You'll have to go through a lot of changes this week. You'll challenge yourself to see what small additional benefits you can get. This week, your economic fronts will remain robust. If you've been seeking for a companion for a long time, you'll find it this week. What you must be very careful about is initiating anything novel on Wednesday and Saturday. This week, cash inflow is on the agenda.

In terms of your connection, you will notice that it is changing. You will feel so comfortable with your spouse as they become more devoted to you. Make sure you make up for any encounters you had to cancel before. In terms of your health, you'll need to be especially cautious because to the ongoing epidemic. Take your small health problems seriously.


You'll be pleased to reawaken your ethos this week. You will empathise with those who are suffering. This week, your mindset will shift quickly. This week, you will be able to reap the benefits for hidden talent on the economic front. Your biggest problems will be resolved, and you will be proud of your accomplishments. This week, stay away from quick money scams.

On the love front, you'll notice some variations in your partner's conduct, but don't react too quickly. Give them some time because the Moon is altering their zodiac. In terms of your health, you will notice a little boost. This week, your headaches will be gone. Make sure you don't get behind the wheel of a car that's been wrecked this week.


This week, you'll be busy and enthusiastic. Your vitality will be at its peak. People who are not your well-wishers will have to be avoided. On the commercial front, you may have to work through some difficulties this week. This week, avoid pitching your ideas and make sure you don't put your faith in anybody too quickly in terms of business. Despite the fact that your labor will be excessive this week, you will be content.

In terms of your relationship, you'll have to be watchful and circumspect while speaking with your spouse or dealing with your partner's difficulties. If you are married, there will be no peaks and troughs in your relationship this week. In terms of your health, you'll be relieved to be free of your old condition this week.


You'll be more tempted to religious ceremonies and heavenly beliefs this week. You'll get better one way or another. This week, your parents will be quite receptive of your plans. In terms of your professional life, if you work in manufacturing or real estate, you will make more money. If you trade stocks, you may have to cope with some little setbacks this week. This week, your sources of income will also widen.

In terms of your romantic relationship, your spouse will frustrate you in the first half of the week. Throughout the week, you might not have a good feeling with them. It's only a blip on the radar, and things will soon improve. This is not the week to be married. This week, you'll have to pay extra attention to your vascular difficulties and respiration problems in terms of your health. Take necessary precautions.


This week, you'll be busy creating projects and putting them into action. Your notions will benefit from your efforts, and things will go well. On the love front, the first half of the week will go easily for you and your companion, but the second part of the week will be not going well.  Both of you will get into conflicts or clashes as a result of Venus's shift into an unfavourable position. In terms of your health, you may not feel well towards the end of the week. You'll be bothered with a little temperature and migraines. On weekends, avoid going out.

On the corporate front, you'll have high demands, but your leadership qualities will come to your assistance this week. If you're in business, don't ink any major contracts this week. Make that you are informed of the actions and steps taken by your team. This week, stay away from the stock market on Friday. This week, make sure to look for yourself and your children.


This week will be a happy one for you since you will receive a lot of wonderful things about your children and loved ones. You'll be able to manage the situation with simplicity. Your home problems will be resolved this week as well. Your family will have to be cautious about their health concerns this week. In terms of your career, your job will provide you with a pleasant environment in which to develop your innovation and inspiration. Your management and employees will be super proud of you. If you're in business, this is an excellent week to participate in lengthy initiatives.

In terms of your relationship, you and your spouse will be making a big impact together this week. They'll feel safer with you, which will lead to increased conversation between you. In terms of your health, you'll have to be extra cautious with your back discomfort this week. On a more positive note, your toothaches will subside this week.


You'll be able to handle things nicely this week. Someone with greater experience will help you develop your talents. The perseverance you've shown up to this point will pay off this week. In terms of your work life, you'll have to be extra concerned this week because your competitors will make nasty measures against you. If you want to start investing in the stock market, you should do it during the last three days of the week. Any situational exigency will not disturb your monetary fronts, and you will be able to avoid expenditures with ease.

On the romantic front, your week will be excellent. Your companion will consider making this relationship formal, but marriage or commitment are not currently on the table. Your parents may be concerned about your romantic relationship, but don't worry; everything will fall into place. In terms of your health, you may get back discomfort and stomach problems this week, so be cautious and watch what you consume.


If your birthday arrives this week, you are more likely to open up endless possibilities. Your shattered hope will resurface, and you will rediscover the lessons that have held you back. If your birthday occurs this week, it will be particularly wonderful. In terms of your working life, if you're in commerce, you're more likely to lose money as a result of quick decisions. If you work in the healthcare field, you'll have a busy and stressful week ahead of you.

In terms of your relationship, your spouse will put his or her guard down and get along with you. You're probably going to try to repair your relationship. This week, you must pay special attention to your children. In terms of your health, you'll have to deal with small headaches, but if you have migraines, you could have to struggle with them a bit more this week. Take care of yourself this week. 


You'll stay in a good mood this week Dear Pisces. You'll spread a positive energy around you. This week, your work life will take a turn for the better. You'll be in the mood to blindly follow suggestions, so be cautious. This week, you'll be able to create new contacts in your professional life. This week at work, you'll have a difficult time. Changes in the political landscape will have an impact on businesspeople. This week, you must be extremely cautious with your money.

In terms of your love prospects, you'll have to put in additional effort to please the someone you like. This week, you'll be able to express your feelings with ease, and there's a likelihood you'll start a new connection before the end of the week. If you are hitched, Venus's unusual situation on the third and fifth days of the week can cause problems in your relationship, so be cautious. Your health will be excellent throughout the week, and you will have nothing to be concerned about.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

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