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We Are Corona attacked…...

While our Karma’s lead us to this destiny the future can look better. Ponder as we wait for the miracle, a new beginning or the inevitable!

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Last couple of weeks have seen some unfamiliar sights not only in India but across the world. Face masks, travel advisories,medical bulletins and now office closures as well as social distancing. Our actions and sights seem right out of a Hollywood movie and  ‘Yes‘ we are facing a medical emergency of huge proportions. For some who are still wondering what we are talking about – we are in a midst of a outbreak of a new strain of Corona Virus code named COVIND 19. While it may have started in China, it now has spread across the world and nobody is immune to this virus. DISTURBING & SCARY are the most likely feelings uppermost on everybody’s mind. In other words we have been Corona attacked!!

When attacked the natural reaction is to shore up your defences in whatever way possible. The social distancing, market closures, business closures and all othe manifestations are part of those defence mechanisms that are known and are being put in place. However the enemy is invisible and potent. It’s ability to spread and multiply is unlimited. Therefore we need to prepare for the worst before it gets better. Being a country with a large population, congested cities , a healthcare system which is sorely inadequate , limited testing protocol and inaccurate information we should anticipate the worst. In spite of the apparent risks the need of the hour remains not to panic. Follow the protocol for once maybe out of fear rather than discipline and hope for the tide to turn.

Learnings usually manifest from hard times or times of crisis. Today is one such time. One look at our health care, diagnostics as well as response system will tell you that it is hopelessly inadequate. Our public facilities, poor hygiene, lack of empathy, require a lot,to be adequate ,forget world class. We as the people do not regard public health facilities as important and that is one of the key reason our Governments do not invest in them. Smart cities should be all about more healthcare systems, garbage disposal , clean environment and green spaces. Do we define them in this manner? We do need fast transport systems but do we need to have them before clean air and hygiene? We all need to ponder!

Human evolution is all about learning and then putting it into practice. Another pertinent fact which is  clear is that the world is far more connected than it ever was. We may try to lockdown physical borders but our supply chains, means of livelihood, our businesses and cultural beliefs are far more integrated than ever before. Coupled with social media and information flow it’s virtually impossible to isolate populations in today’s world. Therefore the world and its constituents need to think and act together. This is true of this virus, its  true of the environment, it’s true for terrorism as well as other extremities! World is integrated and integrated action is need of the hour. If this lesson dawns then we truly would have a new beginning!

While our Karma’s lead us to this destiny the future can look better. Ponder as we wait for the miracle, a new beginning or the inevitable!

(Courtesy: MusingsbyTimmy )

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