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Want To Get Rid Of Your Ex-Lover’s Name Tattoo? Read This

Tattooing in India is becoming extremely common and also now for removing it best treatment of choice is Q- switched Nd-Yag Laser in the world

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Amit, Gurgaon, 38: I am suffering from severe hairfall since 2 weeks. Please help.

As, you have not detailed me if you have shifted newly to Gurgaon, have you been travelling as change of water consistency is a common cause of acute hair fall I cannot make up my mind on that. Also, I need to know if you were suffering from any typhoid fever/ any illness in last month as derangement in immunity to can reproduce hairfall. Please stay calm as loosing up to 100hairs/day is counted normal by doctors and there is a normal catagen phase also every 5-6 monthly where we shed a little more hair than usual. Please do not massage your hair or be vigorous to them and also, increase proteins in your diet. You can get your hemoglobin levels checked and show a physician nearby to you first and then visit an expert Dermatologist nearby.

Stuthi, Delhi: I am having a funny problem that I get one pimple each month during my periods and rest of my face stays clear and that one pimple takes at least 3 weeks to disappear. Please help. 

You have not mentioned your age dear but, it looks like routine hormonal acne as per how you described it. I would recommend that you inhibit it from coming and start using a face wash containing salicylic acid daily night time specially before menses also, using an antibacterial soap or a cleanser during day is a good idea. Stick to using anti-bacterial agents like clindamycin sulphate in the morning and nadifloxacin gel in the evenings with a keratolytic at night like tretinoin to ensure that your pimple settles down faster. Also, avoid hair oiling and if you have dandruff then please use an anti-dandruff shampoo on a regular basis and visit a dermatologist for the same nearby to you who is an expert to give you an advice for this. Doing simple home remedy of applying Lemon juice mixed with fullers earth as spot on acne 2-3 times daily will help it from disappearing sooner and without a mark. Kindly ensure that you do not do a beauty parlour treatment on it like bleach etc. to avoid any marks.

Salim, Bangalore: I am a 28 year old guy and have got tattooed my ex-lovers name on my left arm but now I want to remove it so please help.

A. Hello Salim, Tattooing in India is becoming extremely common and also now for removing it best treatment of choice is Q- switched Nd-Yag Laser in the world. Also, removal of tattoo by laser has great results but depends on the type of pigment tattooed and its depth. Generally every 2-3 weekly laser sessions are required and for a tattoo ink of blue and black results are seen in 6-8 sessions but, yellow and red color has comparatively poor results as some shades of color can remain. Just remember that getting tattoo removed is always more costlier than putting one so in future think sensibly before inking!

Charu, 25: I’m a secretary in an office and travel daily by bus for 2 hours in morning to reach my work. Doctor I am having lot of pimple marks on my face which I need to hide with concealer and now after hiding it the pimples are also increasing. Please help.

Charu this is a very common problem in girls your age and also is a vicious cycle by which I mean that the concealer will increase the problem if any active pimples are present. I will advise you to please avoid concealer now as sun exposure during your office travel can also increase the problem. Please use a sunscreen SPF 30+ mixed with lacto-calamine in morning before leaving for work and at night use lightening creams containing kojic acid, arbutin, liquorice, etc. also, to avoid pimples please use a face wash like acneaid soap, Salicylic acid containing face wash to wash face and maintain a healthy lifestyle with fruits in your diet and also 4-5 litres of water intake daily. Try to remove make up with natural make up removers and also use only mineral based make ups strictly.

Vineeta, 30: Dear Doctor, I am suffering from psoriasis and have taken treatment for many years but, I know this is a chronic problem. I would request you to help me not develop it on my face as am working in an office at reception and if it comes on face then I may lose my job. Please guide.

Dear Vineeta, I know Psoriasis can be troublesome and is a chronic condition. I hope you are being brave with it as this is now known to be a lifestyle disorder and stress is a known exaggerating factor. Also avoiding allium containing dietary agents like tomatoes, onion, garlic, pepper, tea and also mangoes can exaggerate it. Throat infections can also increase it especially if not treated properly and are recurrent. Also, on face please use a sunscreen 30+ SPF regularly and also if you see any red colour lesion or itchiness on face then start using ointments immediately for same. Also, shampoos containing salicylic acid and coal tar can be used on weekly once basis.

Nitin, 34: Hi doctor, I am from Mumbai and having a problem of hair fall since many years. Also, I have balding on front side of my head and would like to know if transplant is a safe option.

Nitin, first of all hair transplant is an extremely safe procedure specially FUE i.e.: Follicular unit extraction method at your age as there is no scar and also no much loss of hair follicles too. I would also say that you must have a good diet and increase biotin, selenium, calcium pantothenate in your diet. Dietary items like egg, milk, soya, lentils etc. are very good for hair. Also, do not use an antidandruff shampoo on regular basis or any other strong shampoo on routine basis and stick to mild ones only.

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Dr Deepali Bhardwaj

The author is MD(USA.IM),DVDL,M.Phil(Cosmetology), Allergy Fellowship Munich,Germany;Cosmetic surgeries,Iran. Honorary Dermatologist at President Estate Clinic in Rashtrapati Bhawan

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