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Vinita Gupta: Always On The Move

Vinita knew exactly what she wanted to do when she joined Lupin. To take IT global and enter the largest, most advanced, and regulated pharma market, the US

For vinita gupta, daughter of Lupin founder and chairman Desh Bandhu Gupta, it may have had a lot to do with genes, but it was really her vision and passion that brought about a phenomenal transformation in the 49-year-old company. Lupin, today, is the third largest pharmaceutical company in India.

Gupta, CEO of Lupin, is a dynamic influencer and a power trendsetter.

A pharmacy graduate from the University of Mumbai and an MBA from J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Vinita knew exactly what she wanted to do when she joined Lupin. To take it global and enter the largest, most advanced, and regulated pharma market, the US. She put her heart and soul in building the right team, pipeline and growth engines. In 2005, Lupin entered the US market. Today, it is the fifth largest pharma company in the US.

A differentiated approach, consistent investment in research, flawless execution and the right core team, Vinita says are the reasons behind its success.

“This is an industry where you can never afford to be lax,” says Vinita, who is always on her toes. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most dynamic with high regulatory scrutiny, constant research and intense competition.

“Working in a dynamic industry like pharmaceuticals, it is imperative for us to be innovative and stay ahead of the curve. The key to it is to have a long-term perspective with strong determination to achieve goals, and the ability to discover and seize opportunities,” she says.

Vinita, an extrovert and extremely pragmatic person, spearheads interactions with stakeholders, including customers and regulators. Her efforts have helped Lupin establish partnerships with global names; around 15 acquisitions in the last decade and a strong foothold in new markets such as Japan, South Africa, Philippines, the Netherlands and Mexico.

She has been the force behind the $880-million Gavis deal, the largest foreign acquisition by the Indian pharma company till date.

Vinita’s journey so far has been very exciting, but as she says, it has just begun!

She draws inspiration from her father, “He built the organisation with so much passion, dedication, and very strong values based on wanting to make a difference. To build on my father’s legacy, and to “make a real difference”, while building a global entity with ambitions to be “the best” has driven me forward.”

Working on her next target, to make Lupin a $5-billion turnover company by 2018, Lupin says, “As an entrepreneur, strive to stay ahead of the curve and seize opportunities that set you apart from competition. Listening is a very important tool for a leader, use it well. Entrepreneurship is about being able to make tough decisions. Surround yourself with individuals who not only share your vision but also add value to your goal.”

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