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Use Brain's Plasticity To Become And Live As Your "Best Version"

There is an adage that says "wherever focus goes energy flows". This implies that if you keep your brain constantly focused on the future you, in effect you are programming your brain towards that future you with considerably more resources

There has been a long standing belief that human brain stops changing or growing beyond a particular age. However, the latest research in neuroscience shatters this myth. Indeed, our brain is "plastic" which simply means that it is "designed to change throughout our lifetime". Infact, as you read this your brain is changing at this very moment. The implications of this are huge. You can at any stage of your life define and achieve any goal. You can develop new capabilities that take you towards your goal at any age. You can thus consciously become and live as your "best version" whenever you decide to.

Studies have proven that "our focused and conscious intention to achieve something increases our brain's ability to wire in new ideas". We all have our dreams and our goals and irrespective of where you are in your life right now you can literally wire your brain to take you where you want to go.
Adding to the experience of thousands of people who have used this new discovery to change their lives is my own successful experience of working on myself and some of my clients.

So the rightful question that emerges is "are there any principles that we can use to rewire our brain in a meaningful way?"  The answer is yes and to make it easier, I have coined an acronym BRIEF that is made up first letter of the five principles that can be used to rewire your brain (viz Belief, Repetition, Intention, Emotion & Focus).

The article would briefly touch upon these five elements and would leave you with enough food for thought on how to use these to become and live as your "best versions".

This essentially means the degree of certainty you have about something. Hence, if you want to achieve something then make sure that you believe that you will. Brain's plasticity implies that if you believe in the positive outcome of the goals you are set then you are better off than the people who don't believe in that. There is enough evidence to show that a strong belief in the outcomes helps you tap into a higher source of energy that eventually helps you achieve your goals.  The belief in your goal physically changes the neural structure of your brain resulting in measurable change in your outcomes.

If you walk on the same path in a field that is completely covered with grass, you will find that after few days a clear pathway is formed in the field devoid of any grass. The same goes for your brain. If becoming your best version implies a great health for you then it is through repetition of daily exercise and diet regimen would you be able to make lasting improvements in your health or change your habits in a lasting way.

As per some researcher notes in the field of quantum physics it was proven that the outcome of certain experiments is influenced by the intention of the person conducting the experiment. This implied that somehow the thoughts were affecting the outcome. Today neuroscience further shows that people are able to create much better versions of them by creating a powerful intent towards its achievement. From a purely brain plasticity point of view, when you repeat the same intention frequently and powerfully, you are wiring your brain with a new direction and telling it what you want it to do.

Take a step back and recollect any memory from past that stands out clearly and vividly. It could be when you achieved something significant, won a competition in childhood, got married, had your childbirth, got your cherished educational degree, got your first promotion, launched your business and so on. What makes these memories stand out are the strong emotions that got associated when these events were happening. Hence, the fourth element that you should immediately start practicing when wiring your brain is to start associating strong emotions with the things you want to program your brain for in order to become your "best version".

There is an adage that says "wherever focus goes energy flows".  This implies that if you keep your brain constantly focused on the future you, in effect you are programming your brain towards that future you with considerably more resources. It is similar to a scenario wherein you converge the sunlight using a magnifying glass on a wet blade of grass and within less than a minute the grass starts burning! A similar thing happens when you focus your thoughts on things that you want your future self to possess. Since thoughts are nothing but energy focusing them in this manner yields tremendous results.
Finally, I urge you to pick up any goal and try out the 'BRIEF' Principles on that. Wishing you success.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

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Manish Pharasi

The author is is an internationally featured Amazon Best Selling author, Inspirational Speaker with an Industry experience of 20+ years across the globe. He has thus far trained, coached and positively impacted close to 30000+ people

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