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Universal Health

Loyal Indian taxpayers should have a basic medical cover for their families that can be huge help at the hour of need

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I have been in the fitness industry for 2 decades now and have seen many ups and downs in society, in the Health industry and in my own fitness levels,

In the ancient times yoga was the only way for optimal health in our society. The misconception today is that it's just a stretching and breathing workout. Its not, its much more than that. Yoga incorporates everything, it connects all elements of life, if you are alive you are doing some type of yoga. It encapsulates life. You can do weightlifting or running but you need to connect to yourself to succeed, that's yoga.

Earlier people use to just go the gym for keeping themselves healthy and to look better. In the 90's Everyone started looking for step and aerobic classes. After 2000 a boom came into Long distance Running. People thought it's the best way to keep yourself healthy and fit. 60-70 percent of runners are injured or at rest / rehab protocol all the time.

Now days people have started looking for more Group classes and functional Strength workouts ( Crossfit / Outdoor Boot Camps etc). That makes them feel good, give them a chance to socialise with like minded people and provides them usable strength.

As a result more Group class formats, many dance forms and many more outdoor boot camps have started happening. Now cycling and triathlons are new in the market,
And there is no doubt people are getting stronger and want to face new challenges.

But at the same time life threatening diseases are making a huge impact on public health and almost every household is facing huge medical bills on monthly basis.

Mammoth confusion exists regarding what we need to do to live a healthy life with minimal medical issues minimising medical issues. And everyone knows how medical expenses are touching the sky in every household even after doing so much for their fitness.

There is definitely a problem which is being overlooked by almost everyone in the quest of health outside their own bodies. No one knows the blueprint how this body works and what should they do so that it works better.

What I practice and preach makes sense to me and is pretty logical.

My health Pyramid.

Doing right what makes most of the day is crucial to live healthy every minute, hour and day. It's never a short term goal and achievement. All small goals are steps towards a better you.

1.    "Tame the Mind"
At the very bottom lie our Thoughts.

You can think a million times in a day about a million things. Your actions/reactions / comments everything gives a stimulant to your brain secreting associate hormones into your blood stream. And this is HUGE! For example if you are with your family watching a movie on a Sunday and suddenly your boss calls up and screws you up for a little mistake you made on Friday. Your hormones and reactions will not only make you unhappy but the entire family can go through same trauma as you are upset now. This happens all the time from a tiny little thing to a disastrous situation. Hormones control every biological reaction in your body and if you don't know how to tackle the situation and stay calm you are in a disaster. If this keeps happening over the time... haywire secretion of hormones can make you seriously ill no matter if you do 2 hours of workout a day or ride 100km cycle on weekends.

How to fix :- Spend 30minutes with yourself WALKING on the grass barefoot, doing simple body MOVEMENTS, BREATHING exercises and any form of MEDITATION on DAILY basis.

 2. Then comes the food.

Just because we eat 3-6times a day it's on the second number from the bottom.

Second and another very crucial aspect is the Food we eat. It should come from healthy money and from clean sources. Packed / processed / fast food should be avoided all the time. Simple and refined sugar products are killing generations. Easy availability of such kind of food ( it's not food at all actually ) is even making our kids severely un healthy. What goes into their mouth till 10-12 years of age can modify their genes for the future.

Eating fresh fruits / vegetables and Home cooked food is highly recommended for anyone who wants to lead a healthy life.

All civilisations have their eating pattern and everything is balanced in their own ancient diet. For example it's not necessary to have a pasta if you are carbo loading for a distance run tomorrow It can be easily done with rice / chapati. Stick to basics and modify quantities if you want to increase muscle / reduce body fat percentage.

How to fix :- Chuck out simple carbs and refined sugar completely from your diet. Have 2-3 Different fruits and vegetables daily, Have Home cooked food most of the time, Practice Intermittent Fasting.

3. Last but not the least comes Exercise 
I segregate it in two partitions:
One BEING ACTIVE throughout the day like counting your steps ( garmin might help) take stairs, walk your dog, play with kids, walk to grocery store, stand and talk on phone etc...

Other being engaging in structured physical activity at least 30min on daily basis. This can have a huge impact to the two blocks down in the pyramid as you will be mentally strong to cater any situation at home, work and society. Also with regular exercise your will power enhances to stick to good eating habits.

How to fix :- Must Walk atleast 10,000 steps a day.

Spend 30-60min in any cardiovascular activity three or more times a week.

Spend 30-45 mins of Strength Training and Flexibility exercises three times a week.

This is all about to live well, but once you are ill and need medical attention and help there are many different opinions and   Possibilities. The patient is generally confused what to do and where to find best possible advice, the link to the public medical health system is missing.

There is no provision of family doctor or easy access to government hospitals and we need to work on creating a stable and sustainable medical platform to the citizens of India.

Many villages and cities still don't have basic medical facilities. Middle class and poor people still don't have access to quality healthcare in India and that's a big drawback for the nation.

Many NGO's and private companies are helping thousands of people and their staff members to overcome this ill structured medical facilities.

Very few people have medical insurance and need to pay from pocket for huge medical bills.
I believe that loyal Indian taxpayers should have a basic medical cover for their families that can be huge help at the hour of need.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

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Gagan Arora

The author is founder of Kosmic Fitness, ACSM Personal Trainer and Reebok Master Trainer

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