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The Unbinge Mantra

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There’s always a time in our lives when the parties, functions or just eating out a few weeks in a row makes us get bloated and gain weight. Social commitments have to be kept, but at the same time, you need to watch your weight and health. Since I’m going through the social binges myself, and see so many struggling during the cocktail evenings, I’m listing out how you can undo the damage caused by late dinners, heavy drinks and late nights, especially when you have to go for another event the same evening.
Follow these simple steps on the day after your binge, especially when you have another social commitment to honour in the evening, and get fresh by the time you’re ready to go.
Step 1: The morning after is the most miserable one. Start your day after a binge with one litre of water, and drink slowly: finish it in 45-60 minutes, not faster. Drinking water fast can cause brain freeze, so drink slowly; water at room temperature is the best. Through the day, drink one glass of water every hour. By noon, you’ll start seeing your bloating disappear. Stick to water, weak black tea and green tea till noon.
Step 2: At noon, drink a green slush. Last night’s toxins, late food, less sleep, all cause a rise in inflammation levels inside the body. When you have flushed the bloating out with water therapy, make yourself a green slush with some greens: chop and put rocket, celery and purple lettuce in a mixer (not juicer), add 50 ml tetrapak cranberry juice (it will calm your stomach), 50 ml water, and churn the mixer to make a smoothie. Do not strain. Drink within 5 minutes of making it so that the live enzymes (which die within 10 minutes of the crushing action) start working towards bringing inflammation levels down. Have this smoothie with a handful of walnuts and almonds (not soaked). These will satisfy your hunger and reduce inflammation caused by bingeing further.
Step 3: When hungry, eat a clear soup (before 7 pm). Add chopped vegetables to a glass of water, pressure cook these with one whistle, add coriander, mint and stir fry some onions and chillies in a teaspoon of oil and add to the soup to add flavour, and you have a light meal that detoxes you.
Step 4: By now, your bloating is minimum, your stomach has been cleared of last night’s junk. If you have to get ready for tonight’s cocktails, have a handful of roasted salty peanuts just before you leave, to line up your stomach. If you’re staying at home to rest your stomach, just have another soup with a handful of brown rice tossed into the soup, and sleep early.
Step 5: This is for those who have another cocktail party to go to. Stick to a few dry snacks of fish, chicken, nuts, tofu, vegetable sticks (any three). Avoid the dinner. Don’t cross two drinks. This way, you’ll wake up fresh the next morning too.
Now go, un-binge. 
Question Of The Fortnight
Send in your questions to [email protected]
I’m 41 years old and almost completely bald. Is there any way that my hair can re-grow through diet and nutrition? My father became bald at the same age, and I have tried finasteride, which claims to regrow hair but without luck. I’m also thinking of a transplant. Please advise what works better.
— Abhishek Kangra
Dear Abhishek, 
Male pattern baldness can be controlled and delayed if you’re in your 20s and have seen yourself susceptible to it via hair loss and genetics, but once you have lost most of your hair, it’s difficult to re-grow. Hair falls due to low nutritional status and bad proteins, so up your intake of egg, fish and chicken and raw fruits, vegetables and nuts. Early in life, men and women can delay or re-grow hair by including these in the diet and getting adequate exercise. At your stage, a transplant would work best, but there are mixed results about its success too, so do research on who you go to.
The author is a certified nutritional therapist and WHO certified in nutrition. She is the writer of Restore, a book on how to fight diseases for working professionals
(This story was published in BW | Businessworld Issue Dated 18-05-2015)

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