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Rachna Chhachhi

Rachna Chhachhi is a certified holistic cancer coach and a nutritional therapist. She works across 22 countries to treat patients for cancer, autoimmune and lifestyle related diseases.

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The Two Meal Concept

After the festivities, get your health back in order and get rid of your toxins and bloating with this

Many among you are struggling right now with your post-Diwali weight and excesses. Too many late nights, less water, more sweets and refined flours, less fibre and alcohol make for a wonderful inflammatory environment inside the body that makes you gain weight, reduce energy and increase your risk of  lifestyle diseases and cancer. At this time, you need some drastic measures to put the structure back into your life along with the right balance of nutrition and exercise. After all, post December 20, you’re going to go back to all this with the Christmas season coming up!
So here are my golden rules for you so you can enjoy the next set of festivities looking fit and fine:

Wake up and cleanse: The moment we get up in the morning, we put in toxins like sugar and milk in the form of our morning cup of tea. This is the time when the body is waking up to the world and absorbing the repair process that began at night when we went off  to sleep. This is when it needs nurturing the most. Spend time with yourself every morning rather than focusing on rushing to work and hurriedly drinking your tea and eating a breakfast. Start the day with a green tea and five raw almonds.Munch on the almonds slowly and listen to some soothing music. For many, early morning soothing music means religious hymns and if that works for you, let it calm your mind, body and soul before you face the stress of the world.  

Stick to two meals: Almost everyone I know is in a hurry to tick off  their breakfast, lunch and dinner without really enjoying every morsel and without needing to eat that much. When you consume two meals a day, you are more careful and structured about what you consume because you know that the next one you’ll get is at night. Make your meals balanced, nutritious and tasty. Your first meal should be around 11 AM (carry this to work) and second one at 7:30 PM. This will ensure that you get the nourishment you need, but not the extra calories. It will also mean that you let go of some of the post-Diwali bloating, release toxins and lose some weight.

 Two meals a day also reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics as long as they follow the snacks routine. Both meals should constitute 25 per cent raw salad greens, 25 per cent cooked vegetables, 25 per cent carbohydrates of  your choice and 25 per cent protein of your choice. This gives you the freedom to cook vegetables, carbohydrates and protein as per your taste and still get the antioxidants. Do not take second helpings if your large plate is full with percentages given above. Second helpings go straight to the belly or towards causing mood swings and anxiety.  

Get two snacks in: Your one snack is early in the morning in the form of your raw almonds with green tea. Your second snack should be around 5 PM when hunger cravings will rise and you will want to reach out for the samosa. At this time, have a handful of mixed nuts with an apple and another cup of green tea. If you get salt cravings, add pistachios or roasted fox nuts. All these are high in good fat which kills bad fat inside your body and reduces inflammation levels, hence reducing cholesterol and making your heart healthier.  

Get moving: You may not have time for exercise, but as long as you have any space to walk, you will never lack exercise and movement. Before your breakfast, walk for 10 minutes to earn your breakfast. In office, get up to get your water, get up to get your green tea, get up to talk to your fellow colleagues instead of calling them, take the stairs once a day instead of  the lift. These keep your BMR up so your calorie burning continues and your heart stays healthier.  

Start doing all the above and notice the freshness return to your face within a week and the weight disappearing within two weeks. By Christmas, your energy levels will be high and you will be ready to rock the dance floor.

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