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The Healing Power Of Yoga

While every yoga practitioner experiences some positive change in his/her life, there are many well-known personalities who avowed the benefits they derived from yoga. Some of them are mentioned here

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Yoga is one of the oldest holistic healthcare systems which helps people in curing and preventing many diseases. It is regarded as a solution for the physical and emotional problems faced by the people. By practising yoga, a person gradually starts experiencing positivity and diseases also start vanishing from the body slowly. However, there are some who consider yoga to be a thing of yesterday which will not reap any benefit in today’s world. It is not surprising that scepticism about the benefits offered by yoga still prevails, as the cases of those people cured through yoga are not known by many.  While every yoga practitioner experiences some positive change in his/her life, there are many well-known personalities who avowed the benefits they derived from yoga.  Some of them are mentioned here:

1)    Shilpa Shetty
Shilpa Shetty who started her new health website Shilpa Shetty wellness series, is among those Bollywood stars working towards popularizing the importance of living a healthy life. The actress who has released numerous yoga DVD’s, began practicing yoga when she was diagnosed with cervical spondylitis. She claims that yoga has helped her a lot in the healing process.

2)    B.K.S Iyengar

The founder of Iyengar yoga began his journey of yoga from Mysore. As a child, he struggled with malaria, tuberculosis, malnutrition and typhoid fever. His brother in law invited him to Mysore, when he was fifteen years old, to practice yoga in order to improve his health. There he learned asana practice which steadily improved his health.

3)    Kushi H
Kushi, a young girl from Mysore, successfully set a world record for performing one of the toughest asanas Niralamaba Purna Charkrasana fifteen times in a minute. Though she is not very popular like other people on this list, Kushi is deeply interested in yoga and can easily bend her body like a rubber. She began practicing yoga because of the breathing problems she experienced in her childhood. While practicing yoga to regain her health, she became deeply interested and continued her practice even after her problem was cured.

4)    Bikram Choudhury
The founder of Bikram yoga began practicing yoga at a very young age. He is reported to have won the National India Yoga Championships for three years consequently. Choudhury suffered from a weightlifting accident which affected him adversely at the age of twenty.  Despite the doctor’s claims that he will not be able to walk, Bikram recovered completely within six months. He claims that the 26-posture series created by him, helped him regain his health.

5)    Baba Ramdev
Popularly known as a yoga guru, Baba Ramdev played an important role in spreading awareness among the people about the benefits of yoga. Ramdev, considered to be one of the fittest individuals by many, accepts that yoga is the secret to his well-being. Affected by paralysis at a tender age of two years, Ramdev practised yoga to recover from this ailment.

It is clear from the examples of these people that yoga, if practised regularly, can bring wonderful results. It is like a key for the well-being of an individual. This ancient health care system can be considered a perfect solution for all the human problems, be it psychological or physical body problems.