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The Commander Whose Troops Were Hungry For Love

If we put an end to judgments, we will put an end to the war

In November of 2002, I was on a flight to Eastern Canada. Sitting beside me was a Commander in Chief of a Military School. Usually, I like to rest and meditate on flights but instead got engaged in a wonderful conversation with this amazing man.

Up to that point whenever I thought of a Commander I thought of a tough, ruthless, authoritarian, strict, and demanding person carrying a rifle. You too? I mean that's what they look like on TV!!

He began to tell me that his toughest job in terms of teaching the new military recruits was not to teach the technical part of fighting a war. That was easy.  

He told me that he had three tough jobs:

1.  The first was to help the new recruits discover their moral compass - to use a Coveyism. In other words, he assisted them in finding the values that are important to them.

2.  The second tough job was to get them to fully live their values. For example, he told me that he has led many regiments into a war such as in Bosnia. In the same breath, he told me that his #1 value in life is "love". Of course, I'm sitting there glued to my seat and it wasn't from the turbulence I can tell you! This is a Commander of a Military School that leads regiments into war and he is telling me that his #1 value in life is love! I guess all those TV programs lied!

He told me that he refuses to kill anyone unless he absolutely has to. He is so compassionate! He puts a strong value on human life. Indeed, in Bosnia, he did everything in his power to stay one step ahead of the enemy. They bombed buildings but did everything they could to preserve human life.

3.  The third tough job of this Commander was to assist these young men and women to end the war within themselves. Once you are trained to fight, you simply carry out your duties whatever they may be. But to end the war within themselves is another story.

You see the hearts of these men and women suffer. The Commander told me that Ruanda was particularly tough on the group. Twenty-seven of his officers came back after a lengthy stay and 23 of them committed suicide. Sadly, there were not enough psychologists employed to help with these difficult times.  

These men and women who committed suicide were having difficulty ending the war within themselves. No doubt they died from broken hearts. Yes, they did their physical jobs. But no doubt they were unable to:

1.  Come to grips with the human atrocities that they encountered;
2.  Handle the guilt that they undoubtedly felt with respect to their role in the war;  
3.  Understand the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. That group Karma causes war. That war and all deadly struggles like this are part of our great learning of how to love ourselves and others more.

These young men and women were hungry for love.  Because the Science of Mind-Kinetics® Coaching has come on to the planet to heal hearts, these Mind-Kinetics Specialists trained to handle traumas can greatly assist in situations like this because the healing happens at the spiritual heart level.  Science has proven that change must happen at a cellular level for anyone including soldiers to finally live in permanent positive peace. The Commander listened carefully as I shared how potentially most of these suicides could have been prevented and how effective it would be if progressive Psychologists were to learn some of these modern sciences.

George Bush, Osama Bin Laden, Hitler and ISIS are included in a cast of characters who felt it was their job to create war. And through those wars, we have been forced to go inside our hearts to remove judgments of ourselves and others. Who are we to judge others? And of course, The Law of Cause of Effect also says that if we judge others, others will judge us.

If we put an end to judgments, we will put an end to the war.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

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Betska K-Burr

The author is known as The Guru Coach, is an Accredited Master Coach (IIC&M), Co-President of Coaching and Leadership Intl. Inc. and a Canadian best-selling author who has visited India on numerous occasions and loves India as her second home.

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