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Rachna Chhachhi

Rachna Chhachhi is a certified holistic cancer coach and a nutritional therapist. She works across 21 countries to treat patients for cancer, autoimmune and lifestyle related diseases.

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So You Have Type 2 Diabetes...

Never eat fruit with a meal: Many people say they won’t eat a dessert and then they eat fruits after a meal, which spikes blood sugar levels.

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Many insurance providers are now looking at obesity and type 2 diabetes links. And for those of you where obesity preceded diabetes, they may not be so kind to you during your next renewal or hospitalisation event. Having reversed type 2 diabetes (it is one of the easiest to reverse) in obese people, I see the health insurer’s point of view. After all, why should he pay for your pizza binges? However, if you want to reverse or not get diabetes, the first thing you have to do is, no, not lose weight but change the way you eat and live. When you change that, weight loss and higher fitness levels are a fallout.

Here are some simple steps to change your lifestyle to stay diabetes-free:

Change your carbohydrates: Many people cannot live without their chapatti or rice and they shouldn’t too. Carbohydrates are our fuel. However, for diabetics, bad carbs include white rice, wheat (YES, wheat too), white flour, sugar, potatoes. So how will we live, they lament. Swap the carbs. Love your khichdi and pulao? Make it from oats or quinoa or mix 50 per cent brown rice, 50 per cent quinoa. Love your rotis? Make from bajra, jowar, ragi. They actually control sugar spikes.

Combine carbs with proteins: Controlling sugar spikes and inflammation that lead to diabetes are actually easier than imagined. Always have a protein with your complex carb meal. So you can add lean proteins like eggs, tofu, kidney beans, fish in small quantities to complement your carbohydrates and control sugar levels.

Never eat fruit with a meal: Many people say they won’t eat a dessert and then they eat fruits after a meal, which spikes blood sugar levels. The benefits of fruits are on their own, when the stomach is emptier, as a snack.

Eat raw with nuts: Fruits and raw vegetables are good for you, but contain carbohydrates. So add 7-8 almonds to your fruit bowl, a handful of chia seeds to your salad, and not only will you enhance the sugar stabilising effect of this combination but you will see your weight disappearing too.

Exercise: Sorry buddy, if you want to control or avoid diabetes or hypertension, this is mandatory. Forty minutes of cardio four days a week brings down both blood pressure and sugar readings in your system.

Sleep and de-stress: Very often, I have come across cases of people who eat right, but suddenly get high sugar in the blood because they are stressed or have not slept. Sleep deprivation and stress are big drivers of weight gain, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Eliminate these. Sleep eight hours, practice simple alternate nose breathing techniques, and practice cognitive meditation via the “soham” technique. There are lots of videos on YouTube on this; learn from them to get it right.

Keep it permanent: All the above is not temporary if you want to see lifelong results. Make the shift in your mind rather than treating it like a “diet” and you will soon see yourself as a lean, energetic, hypertension and diabetes free professional. Practice all the above and see your weight disappearing, skin clearing up, moods getting better, blood pressure reducing, sugar levels coming down, cholesterol reducing. In short, the miracle of good health in just seven easy steps!

There, your insurance premium just came down!