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Sign In Style

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Spanish poet Miguel de Cervantes had once described the pen as the interpreter of the soul: "what one thinks, the other expresses." Perhaps, that is why most writers and collectors have an emotional attachment with their writing instruments. Today, ball-points and roller balls may outnumber the traditional quill, but when it comes to class, the fountain pen stands alone. No mass-produced sticks can hold a candle to these hand-crafted pieces of art (some are even custom-made to suit your writing style). For a connoisseur, it is like a jewel — rare and priceless. Some of the latest symbols of taste: understated but elegant...

Conway Stewart: PlumageConway Stewart: Plumage
the first modern day pen maker to reintroduce the use of casein (milk protein particles known to give warmth and lustre) as a material for making pens, Conway Stewart is known for its luxury pens. Its pens are characterised by the use of precious metals, enamels and celluloid, and are often created for special occasions. Such as the 1998 G8 summit. The Plumage too carries forward the company legacy.
Price: $2,130 (Approximately Rs 1 lakh)

Caran D'ache: Leman Fountain PenCaran D'ache: Leman Fountain Pen
Switzerland's only pen and pencil manufacturer has done it again: this time it has outdone itself. From the machining of the ink-feed channel to the curvature and polishing of the pen, there's no scope for complaint. In fact, all its pens in the Leman series come with a rich lacquer finish layered upon brass, giving them a superior weight that helps maintain the right balance while writing. A great pick indeed.
Price: Rs 33,625

Pelikan: M800 Fountain PenPelikan: M800 Fountain Pen
Makers of fountain pens since 1838, pelikan is known the world over for introducing the differential-piston ink filling method. Its modern-day flagship line, the Souveran, which includes the M800 collection, has been a true success story. The M800 fountain pen comes with the finely crafted 18 carat gold nib and is available in red, blue and black colours.
Price: Rs 18,000

MontBlanc: Thomas Mann EditionMontblanc: Thomas Mann Edition
A century-old company, mont blanc has created a niche for itself. Known for its classy designs and limited edition pens, Mont blanc has created a niche for itself. The Thomas Mann fountain pen, inspired by the age of artistic creativity in which the artist lived — the art deco era — comes with platinum-plated inlays in rich black lacquer. It is a full-bodied fountain pen with a solid heft, making it a treat to write with.
Price: Rs 47,600

Sailor: SumerSailor: Sumer
Sailor defines passion. for the company came into existence thanks to Kyugoro Sakata's passion for fountain pens. And even today, each sailor pen is made as passionately. Particularly the nib, which is severed along an exact vertical line to ensure correct air flow. A limited edition pen, the Sumer's exterior is rich in history. While the cap has an engraving of Ur-Nammu, a ruler from 2100 BC, the barrel is engraved with part of the law code of Hammurabi, an ancient king of Babylon.
Price: £690 (Rs 53,706)

Cartier: Roadster EditionCartier: Roadster Edition
Though pens are just one of the accessories made by Cartier, they are as unique and price-less as the company's jewellery and watches. Inspired by the Roadster watch, the pen too defines elegance. Designed to match the power and beauty of a classic touring automobile, the Cartier Roadster fountain pen is crafted in black composite with palladium appointments. The blue cabochon on the crown just perfects the look. Truly, a collector's item.
Price: $570 (Rs 26,904)

Parker Duofold Centennial Parker Duofold Centennial
the first duofold model was launched in 1921, and since then it has only got better. Launched to mark the centenary celebrations of the US pen manufacturer, the Duofold Centennial, like all Parker pens, is perfectly balanced and has a firm grip. Crafted from crylic resin that gives it durability, the pen has a glossy finish and comes in a variety of shades. Get one for yourself soon, before the stock finishes.       
Price: 16,000