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Sanjay Bhambri, Chief Commercial Officer, OnMobile

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What are you reading at the moment? What did you recently finish reading? What have you learnt from it?
I am reading ‘Crossing the Chasm’ by Geoffrey Moore. It gives insights on hi-tech marketing and selling products to mainstream customers. The book explores the differences and suggests techniques to successfully cross the "chasm," including choosing a target market, understanding the whole product concept, positioning the product, building a marketing strategy, choosing the most appropriate distribution channel and pricing.

The one book all leaders (CEOs, CFOs, Chairman, VPs etc.) must read... and why?
While there would be many books I could recommend here, I can narrow all of them down to one book, which continues to inspire me to this day - ‘Peak’ by Chip Conley, CEO and founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality. This bookis about Conley’spractical application of renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow's iconic concept of the Hierarchy of Needs and his theory of human motivation to help his business get through the economic downturn.

Chip Conley provides real-world examples from other companies including Google and Harley-Davidson, to show how everyday people, like you and me, can use Marlow’s theories to bring about changes to their work and personal lives. It is extremely motivating and shows how we can live up to our full potential.I would suggest this book as a must-read for everyone, not just individuals in a leadership position.

Apart from that, I think The Long Tail: The Future of Business Is Selling Less or More by Chris Anderson is also an interesting read as it maps the change in the economy and culture from mass markets to a million niches.

One book everyone in your sector should pick up... and why?
This is a book which I feel should be read not only by telecom professionals, but also students and policy makers. ‘The Telecommunications Revolution: Mobile Value Added Services In India’ by Mukesh Kumar and Ram Kumar Kakani, talks about the Indian mVAS sector in detail. It also highlights the various trends in the mVAS space, across various geographies that include India, Europe and America, which I personally find very useful in my current role at OnMobile.
What kind of books would you normally buy while travelling?
The last book I bought was Radical Leap by Steve Farber, who is a leadership consultant and speaker. It helps leaders take the next step into what Farber terms as ‘Extreme Leadership’ using a formula called L.E.A.P, that is a leader who cultivates love, generates energy, inspires audacity, and provides proof.

Have you written any books? If not, do you plan to write in future? Please also specify the topic you intend to write on?
I haven’t written any books so far. For now, it doesn’t look like I will but there is a possibility that I may in the future.

The books you grew up with? What did you like most about it?
Two of my favorite books I used to read as a child were Tintin and Asterix. Tintin, with its brand of adventure and intelligent humor made it a favorite read for many kids during my time. Tintin’s adventures span across the globe Middle East, America, Africa, China and even goes beyond earth… to the Moon! I especially loved Tintin’s visits to India, on a personal level.

Another book I used to frequently read as a child was Asterix. The comic’s humor and sarcastic take on history cracks me up even today. I especially love the catchy names the characters had. Vitalstatistix for the name of the leader, Geriatrix for the old man, a fishmonger named Unhygenix – pure genius!
Your book shelf consists of....
My bookshelf consists of a mix of management, leadership, comics and fiction.

Where do you shop for books? (online, book stores - names)
I buy most of my books online, owing to the convenience factor.

Have your reading habits changed in the past four or five years? If so, how....
The noticeable change has been the move from hard copies to digital ones. I used to read a lot of management books but have taken a liking to fiction books these days.

Which is the e-reader you read on?
I use an iPad, as it is very convenient to use for a frequent traveller like me.

(This story was published in BW | Businessworld Issue Dated 19-05-2014)