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Positivity Or Negativity? Choice Is Yours…

Mental blocks can be met with mental exercises only. In order to lose weight you need to do continuous physical exercise. It is not a single day job. Likewise you need to put in time and effort to exercise your mind in order to be able to think right

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Many a times we get stuck in our past present and future. Everyone gets stuck in dilemmas in daily life. The ones, who are clear find this solutions faster than the ones who are not. It is through our eyes we see the world and through our consciousness we perceive its meaning. Intuition, insight, memory and dreams all have to do with the process of consciousness perceiving something. 

The third eye chakra is an instrument to perceive the more subtle qualities of reality. It goes beyond the more physical senses into the realm of subtle energies. 

Time has changed a lot since the original definition of wellness and health. Today, even your mental status is the sign of wellness. What are those exact practices that can help you think clear?

Experiences and lectures and motivational speeches is one thing but what are the physical steps you can take to overcome your dilemmas? 

Mental blocks can be met with mental exercises only. In order to lose weight you need to do continuous physical exercise. It is not a single day job. Likewise you need to put in time and effort to exercise your mind in order to be able to think right.

The steps to be taken when your mind is stuck:-

  • It is a known fact that positive thoughts, activities and feelings release feel good hormones (endorphins). In order to increase these you need to develop some habits. Start your mornings with a long brisk walk followed by a good lemon ginger honey tea. 

This not just a part of weight regime but also a mood enhancer. Long walks release serotonin which helps you to be happy. Lemon ginger honey tea hydrates your brain without making you full and bloated. If there are constraints of being at home, you can start with on spot running or engine daud with yoga poses like downward facing dog, dolphin pose, warrior pose III and eagle pose can be your favouring asanas. 

  • The more hydrated your brain gets, more positive your attitude becomes. Negative jumbled up thoughts are actually the manifestation of dehydrated exhausted brain. So you need to be hydrated throughout the day. It is not about how much litres of water you drink, it is about how frequent you should. You should at least have a sip of water after every half an hour.

  • Meditation; much has been said about it. But still it is underrated and misunderstood concept. Meditation is one such sure shot medicine for the people in their negative cycle that can help them organize their thoughts almost immediately. 

Fix a daily time which is dedicated only to yourself. Take a warm bath, wear minimal clothes and sit in dark with no external noise, probably play an only instrumental track. Close your eyes and surrender yourself to your breathing. Let your thoughts flow. Starting of a meditation is like a detoxifying technique. 

You feel like giving up, agitated maybe even nauseated with a slight headache. But once you are through that stage you enter a new life. Life of much more clarity and mental peace. Your mind slows down and you are able to choose a better option. But this does not happen in a day or two. This takes at least a month, or two for sometimes more. 

Meditation opens the door of room locked in the brain and clean it up. Thus the bad thought coming during meditation are like dust coming out while cleaning the room.

The practitioners in the morning can meditate while playing raaga like ‘alhaiya bilawal’ while the evening practitioners can listen raag ‘bhup’ also known as ‘bhopali’ in with combination of Hakini mudra, Brahma mudra, Gyan Mudra or Prithvi Mudra which helps in promoting calmness, boosting memory power, increasing concentration and energizing the third eye region providing good coordination between right and left hemispheres of the brain.

  • In Ayurveda and yoga as food has been classier on the basis of the kind of fuel it generates after burning in your stomach- tamsic, satvic and rajsic. Apart from what you eat the next important thing is how best your body is able to assimilate the food you have digested, for which you need proper workout. 

Another energy driven workout that can completely do justice to your body is Tai Chi. Doing exercise is not just about getting to zero figure or increasing the size of your muscle. It is about the flow of energy provided by what you have eaten. 

These steps can help anyone to unlock their mental blocks. The only thing required is the acceptance where you lack.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

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Shruti Chatur Lal Sharma

The author is Curator, Conceptualiser, Culture Promoter & TEDx Spearker

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