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New-Age Mattresses Focused Philosophy Are A Boon For Sleep-Deprived Millennials

New age mattresses have proven to be an ideal accessory for the driven, work-hard, play-hard lifestyle adopted by millennials

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Today, we live in a fast paced world where adequate sleep is not a routine part of life, but a luxury. Insufficient sleep and erratic sleep patterns are common amongst millennials proving detrimental in the longer run. Those without adequate sleep fall ill more often and take longer time to recuperate. Insufficient sleep has psychological repercussions and affects judgment, mood, and ability to learn and retain information. Physical impacts like increased risk of heart failure and many similar life-threatening ailments are also common these days.

Sleep deprivation is the most common lifestyle problem amongst millennials in India. According to a recent study, 71% of millennials suffer from insufficient sleep. Medical practitioners have been continually highlighting the fact that sleeplessness further to impacting our lives today, continues to afflict our well-being in the longer run. It is high time people take this issue seriously and start undertaking initiatives to reverse the ill-effects of sleeplessness.

To begin improving the quality of sleep, the first thing to consider is getting a superior quality mattress. Healthy and sound sleep is directly related to the quality of sleep products we use on a daily basis.

The Rise of New-Age Mattresses 

Sleep-related products are a burgeoning market in the West, given how elusive sleep had become in the lives of millennials. In India, millennials for decades were left with lack of variety when it came to innovative sleep products. Traditional players were still selling coir and spring mattresses and prices were prohibitively high and seemed to follow no logic between quality and cost. This situation is now drastically changing with the advent of new online players offering cutting-edge sleep products. Millennials are the hardest working generation in history and scores of them succumb to lifestyle diseases caused by their hectic lifestyles. Thankfully the sleep problems plaguing millennials can easily be cured by these new age mattresses.

The modern day lifestyle needs to be complemented with modern accessories. New age mattresses have proven to be an ideal accessory for the driven, work-hard, play-hard lifestyle adopted by millennials. Such mattresses are designed after paying careful consideration to how much support and comfort is required for a good night’s rest. The design is the outcome of years of research put in sleep labs, on individual preferences of large groups of people. The resultant product is a thoughtfully crafted mattress or pillow with optimal comfort and support. 

Transparency is key

Online brands unlike offline showrooms provide consumers the transparency to compare and contrast between different mattress variants, the materials used, specifications, price and product benefits to take an informed decision. Customers can also see the teams working behind the creation of the mattress and brand reviews which adds more credibility to the R&D done by the brand.

The Benefits of New Age Mattresses  

The key difference between old and new age mattress material is longevity of the products, lightweight characteristics and the ability to be vacuum compressed into a small box. This not only reduces the shipping costs but also the overall pricing for the end consumer. Add to that the convenience of getting the product delivered at your doorstep. 

Since the products are delivered in a box, consumers are spared the hassle of scheduling the delivery in a big vehicle and waiting at home to collect it. Most Indian mattress brands tend to cut corners with cheap foam and fabric. As a result, their end products are not ideal for sleeping and more likely to cause a host of health problems. The science of ergonomics and sleep has made significant advances over the past three decades yet traditional mattress manufacturers in India have failed to keep pace. These next generation mattresses bring the advancements in sleep science to Indian consumers. The mattresses are designed with patented technology developed to ensure those sleeping on them enjoy a good night’s rest. It also eliminates other health issues like orthopedic pains caused by poor sleep postures. 

For millennials who value time, efficiency, and productivity above everything else, such mattresses are a boon. These innovative mattresses don’t lose their shape even when used for decades. They are flexible, meaning the mattress adapts to the shape and posture of the body. The products also have important international certifications such as OEKO-Tex and CertiPUR-US. These certifications are a standard in US brands like Casper. In India, the certifications ensure that the materials used are 100% genuine with no adulterated materials.  

In India, the weather is mostly warm and humid for most part of the year. Research studies show the relation between temperature and sleep, for instance before falling asleep the body’s temperature falls slightly; an already cool room makes it easier to fall asleep. The hotter your bedroom is, the more difficult it is to fall asleep. For best sleep, the bedroom must be ideally cool. 

These certifications ensure that the cool gel memory foam mattress material, combined with proprietary cool covers regulate heat much better for a temperature controlled sleep. The certifications also ensure no harmful chemicals are used in manufacturing and hence safe for health and also eco-friendly to the environment. These mattresses are proven to provide relief to those suffering from chronic back pain, neck pain, and other orthopedic ailments. 

Too many millennials suffer from such chronic pains and question why? Little do they realise that simply choosing the right mattress will make all the difference. 

Why New Age Mattresses Suit Millennials?

New age mattresses built on orthopedic foam ensures best-in-class back and posture support. These customised products are essential for sound sleep. As most of the millennials work hunched over their desks, it is vital for them to have a comfortable and supportive mattress with the optimal back support at night. 

Millennials who are conscious about almost everything in life, should pay more attention to the mattress they sleep on to enjoy tranquil sleep and better health.  

Better and Affordable  

While millennials are now global citizens, they still tend to have the same beliefs common to older Indian consumers. One such belief is that branded and higher quality products are more expensive than unbranded ones. This is a common misconception that needs enlightenment. Several newly introduced technologically advanced mattresses cost only a fraction of older outdated mattresses and have proven to be much more reliable in ergonomics and comfort. Studies show that your body requires sufficient time to adapt to a mattress. The duration it takes to break in a new mattress can be weeks long. Therefore to allow buyers to judge whether a mattress is right for them, it should be returnable even after being slept on for over a week. The 10-minute window most buyers are granted to assess a mattress at showrooms is simply not enough to make a buying decision.

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