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National Entrepreneurial Manifesto

The majority of the world's successful entrepreneurs never had formal education or training in the field they ventured into and yet they created monumental successes.

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With hundred of countries in the race of innovative excellence and image supremacy of performance, few are scratching surface of entrepreneurialism. Why? The deeper understanding required to mobilize massive numbers of 'job-seekers' to 'job creators' demands global knowledge, thinking and execution. The new global age world is all about entrepreneurialism.

Are you an entrepreneur?
Yes, you are and you just may not realise it!

Every person employed in any seriously high level job is probably an entrepreneur. Right from the start they had the skills to acquire that position; they deploy the right strategies to achieve levels of performance and many of them are making significant contributions to the goals of that organization. These are all skills that spin us into the entrepreneurial arena.

Add a little calculated risks, bold ideas, out of the box thinking, inventive and curious behavior, and combined these with an aversion to failure while seeking greater goals, and you are well on the pathway to entrepreneurial thinking. You are now molding yourself into an entrepreneur.

In the amphitheater of entrepreneurship, there will be a few ups and few shakedowns. Never fear the ups and downs because they certify that you on your way to becoming a legend. So, why not enter the stadium today; you may need to quit that dead end job today.

No More Dead End Jobs
Make the decision now to bravely enter the field of entrepreneurship as a New Year's resolution; here is your game plan

FACTS: Your job security and your corner office may not be around next year. Over the years, you tolerated the lack of optimization of your talents, sleepless nights and endless anxiety. When you consider the many negative aspects you have endeared, you are a very brave person. Think about this--all that tension and fear of losing a job is a far bigger a risk than the risks entrepreneurs normally have to deal with. Entrepreneurs are not on the edge all the time or losing their sleeps for worries blocking ideas, creativity, and thoughts; they are too busy perfecting those out of box notions. They have conquered the fear of losing a job and are fully absorbed in creating jobs. They are extremely happy at what they do; they sleep more, eat more and laugh more because they are independent and know that their talents are used daily. Yes, the entrepreneur game is played with calculated risks, like a player in a sports arena, where winning and losing is an exciting game and frequent winning makes them a champion. With one billion more additional white collars jobs being replaced by automation by 2020, being a white collar executive sitting in a corner office is far too risky.

If your higher education primarily trained you for creating a nicer resume, demand an immediate refund, because much bigger surprises are waiting. The dependency on a weekly paycheck as a security blanket is a very small, yet critical hairline difference, between the transformations from a 'job-seekers' to 'job-creators'. If you are very good at your job you are almost an entrepreneur. All you need to do is to understand the details and then add some depth and acquire some clarity.

Here is a plan of action. The sky is the limit for you; why quit now?
The pure and simple fact is entrepreneurialism is orchestrated chaos in slow motion; a unique deployment of emotional intelligence with unpredictable sequences of actions striving for tangible and prosperous structure. The world is full of successful entrepreneurs and where they come from or what they achieved in the past is not important. The question becomes, what are you going to do about your entrepreneurial self?

There is no pill to instantly bring your entrepreneurial self into action. Sometimes accidents happen and suddenly entrepreneurism emerges; however, these so-called entrepreneurial mindsets are rarely cultivated in classrooms. They are the result of real live action and rigorous practicing in the real battle fields of combative practices of business strategies. We understand that learning swimming by reading a book will simply ends result in 'gluck, gluck…help! Hands on the wheel are a must.

Real entrepreneurism requires that you take the plunge, no matter what. You can instantly begin your entrepreneur self right now by simply 'declaring' yourself an entrepreneur and starting to 'think' like an entrepreneur.

The first step towards mastery of entrepreneurialism is to take that 'first step.'

Declare yourself an entrepreneur and just wait and see what happens next.

Dig deep into your passion, craft, and the substance of you and roll out a small project. The outcome isn't important--even if you feel the project may fail, taking the plunge is what is important. After two or three such attempts, you will have less fear and will be on your way. This is how your entrepreneurial self will emerge. Entrepreneurialism is partially born in the maternity wards because entrepreneurialism is already there; it is then nurtured and cultivated in enterprising battlefields. Is all around you to isolate and adopt as ongoing skills.

FACT: This decade the world will create far more new entrepreneurs than it ever did during the entire history. Never in the history had so many options and free technologies collided with new ideas resulting in easy access to new ventures.

The chicken and egg debate on entrepreneurialism and its origin is almost out of place now. In the old days, often only the privileged had the luxury to try a new venture. This is no longer true; today anyone can start a business and if played correctly, can create access to billions, with very little or no cost.

The number of options, free technological platforms and global access creating 'technocalamity' are unlimited. Study 'technocalamity' in greater depth. Unlimited growth by connecting smart ideas is now a new global age reality. What's really required for today and tomorrow are innovative people with skillful global age thinking.

FACT: The majority of the world's successful entrepreneurs never had formal education or training in the field they ventured into and yet they created monumental successes.

Universities have been missing big time on graduating entrepreneurs. There are story after story of great success global age entrepreneurs who were actually university drop outs.

It is also fair to say that entrepreneurs will freely talk about their failures. They look at failure as a temporary phase. Full trajectory of the glide path of any entrepreneur's life measures their own failures as a necessary part of the progressive journey. They learn to evaluate progress and correct very quickly. They plunged into an adventure and deployed highly specialized skills and experiences as they progressed to their goal.

A solid understanding is an absolute prerequisite.

Entrepreneurialism is not a course, a degree or a written methodology; it's all about understanding and experiences acquired by real living encounters; it's not 'explicit knowledge' like learning accounting, but rather 'tacit knowledge' like learning to swim or ride a bike. You would think it odd to teach a person how to ride a bike by reading a book in a classroom. Entrepreneurialism is basically an event where all kinds of and sometimes odd experiences of life are transformed into success. This success comes from preparations and when juxtaposed with the right opportunity, the entrepreneurial mind realizes that such chaos as opportunities and mobilizes a series of action, plans, and then gives birth to something dramatically out of the box.

If all of this makes sense to you, you are already halfway there.

The Beauty of Risks & Chaos of Opportunities
Risks are often calculated and measured but opportunities are often limitless and uncontrollable. Entrepreneurialism is rarely a calibrated trajectory towards mathematical equations or academic theories. Forget the old blueprints or cases studies. Entrepreneurialism is definitely original to its core; it is aggressively liberating from old routines and comfortable with 'let's rock the boat' vitality; it is a borderline revolutionary with progressive adjustments towards massive success. The academician mind, upon success, would probably call it a 'stroke of genius' where in reality it is 'innovative entrepreneurialism in action' referred to during incubation as 'out of the box' crazy and too risky.

If your deep thoughts, extraordinary deeds and creative actions are increasingly discomforting to your colleagues, you are already on your way to becoming an entrepreneur. Soon being fired will be no concern to you at all.

Basically all the weird things you did in your life, mostly nonsensical, add up here as the pluses of progress in your progression towards becoming a wildly passionate entrepreneur. This happens provided you had some idea of what you were doing, a bit of direction, and a deep interest in being different in action and planning. You will clearly differentiate your behavior from the average librarians and accountants. Be gentle here with labels though. Those "nerds" often make the best entrepreneurs.

If you can add up all your unusual shenanigans and juxtaposed them with all the other boring routines and mix them well with your most cherished work, you will be able to see the depth and power in your independent thinking. Shift through the garbage and dislikes from your daily work routines and life, isolate the important factors and fully concentrate on the cherished residuals.

Make sense out of nonsense. Treasure that flask of residual leftovers you so desire, hold it against the sunlight of your imagination and see the rainbows of opportunity. This is an unstoppable moment. Remember it, cherish it. Now you have discovered the spark to kindle the fire.

Remember, it's not important how many times you were called to the principal's office or how many times you were fired. What really matters is what goals you were really after and the fact that you were cognizant all along of 'why' you somehow missed your targets. What you learned in such a hard, but wonderful lesson and how 'quickly' you were able to rectify the situation is the foundation of reaching entrepreneurship. It's a self thought discipline.

Failures are part of winning, but learning from failures is an art and entrepreneurs are best at it. If they tumble they only stand taller and ready themselves for the next round. Standing up again and again become easier and are part of the every day process for an entrepreneur.
Entrepreneurialism phenomena further simplified…

As an example, in very broad strokes, a typical mother by nature is a great entrepreneur in action; observe how she takes limited resources, distributes them fairly, manages complex emotionally driven multiple tasks while continually nurturing and helping the family reach long term prosperity. Notice the balancing act, admire the intuitiveness to issues, and analyze the maternal instinct of protection. The focus becomes the needs of the family and her desire to guide the growth of the family. She is forever striving to help each member maximize potential. Admire her play on periodic chaos and equally see the responsive management of multiple methods needed to reach the outcomes from such situations, dealing with multiple sources of ignition, striving to win at all costs, while simultaneously dancing on several floors at different tempos, all with love and affection. Lastly and most importantly, is her willingness to sacrifice anything or everything for the survival of her home and family.

Now observe a leading entrepreneur and match the similarity
FACT: Almost every mother today can easily become an entrepreneur with access to connectivity and profitability. Flexibility of time never opened so many new doors before. As we approach 'soft power asset management' as dominate skills towards 2020, female entrepreneurs are more in tuned in this environment. The knowledge, skills, and attitudes of motherhood are a ticket to the entrepreneurial arena.

This broad example is not to ignore the male gender as their contribution is equally awesome. Until a few decades ago all entrepreneurs were male. With new global and open markets and with massive networking technologies, now it's predicted that by 2030 women owned businesses will overtake this inequality. The unbreakable glass ceiling in the mega corporate offices and with the new global age of technocalamity, women entrepreneurs are proving distinct advantage.
The Cruelty of Knowledge:

Entrepreneurs are extremely knowledgeable in general about their business and its models in relation to their innovative and weird 'stuff' or their creative 'thing'. They are real experts.

After all, this so called undefined 'stuff' cannot be compared to any typical PhD program; nevertheless deep down entrepreneurs are natural masters of their mysterious stuff, or the so called unknown, the unproven ideas of pre-discovery. Their knowledge on such weird notions or ideas, once commercialized successfully, often is more powerful than 100 or even a 1000 PhD packages of knowledge.

Look at a few of the global superstar entrepreneurs of today and you will quickly determine that these superstar entrepreneurs' knowledge is far superior to the 1000 University Deans or PhDs combined.

FACT: Prime syllabi of any of the top MBA programs in the world today were once totally unknown subjects to universities; they were created and established by entrepreneurs of the time--from franchising, IT, e-commerce, social media, marketing, branding, customer relation, stock markets, mergers, and acquisition knowledge. These were all later adopted by smart academicians into the MBA program and business curriculum.

The value of 'rocking the boat' is one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial maneuvers, and now are being discovered by the academicians and historians as concepts of great value. Just watch a few movies on entrepreneurial heroes and discover how during their early years, before fame, they were considered monstrous trouble makers. This trouble making led to innovation and the pinnacle of entrepreneurship.

Are you bold enough to assert yourself as an expert of at least ten times more knowledgeable than PhDs or best your boss's bosses by innovatively applying and using your own original ideas and 'stuff'?

Great, Well Done!
Welcome, you are now officially an entrepreneur and the details are no longer important as long as you have your 'stuff' and the right hardworking attitude.

Warning: Entrepreneurs never stop working. They love it and live it round the clock.

Big Questions
What do feel, in your guts? Do you know your inventory of stuff?
Do you still see a path or a winding way towards perpetual freedom?
Are you ready to plunge, be it into an ocean or a swimming pool, filled with or without water? This is an important point, because all 'crazy ideas' need liquidity of some type at some point.

Is it time for you to write your 'Dear Boss' letter?

Entrepreneurialism is where progressive chaos becomes a norm; all or nothing mentality sets the stage and is so necessary for the jump to the next stratosphere. This is where the beauty of magical synchronization takes over.

On the other hand 'job-dependent' experts only notice the disruptions to figure out what just happened. The chaos centric entrepreneurism continues the march, leaving a cloud of dust for others to muddle through, bumping into each other and apologizing.

This is how case studies get recorded in the dust clouds as entrepreneurial footprints.

Entrepreneurialism when raw is rarely visible in behavior; when refined it becomes noticeable in achievements; when perfected it becomes the new standard for others to create new theories and invent terminologies. Everything is a work in progress, all the times and every day new ideas are explored, added, evaluated and refined.

Unlike academic achievements--upon arrival of an accreditation gets instant spotlighted and glorified, while entrepreneurialism stays totally invisible unless manifested. Then with massive results and accomplishments emerges to the amazement and bafflement of the spectators.

The unknown person in the mail room could be the next biggest CEO; this concept is still a very pragmatic dream. The next super entrepreneur could be anyone!

On the journey to higher academic achievements, entrepreneurs do realize very early that rather than becoming an advanced scientist in genomes, they will create a company today and hire the best genome experts already with their doctorates in the subject. This represents a saving of a decade of study and when multiplied by the additional assembly of other highly trained qualified talent's, becomes a saving of time equal to a life time.

Entrepreneurs are fearless and once the fear of being fired is laid to rest, the path becomes clear and the task is easy. Entrepreneurs venture on untraveled roads, enter dark tunnels and with no fear of the possible train coming from the other side; they take chances, boldly and admit mistakes quickly, because they know that no one can fire them. They also realize that success frequently comes from mistakes.

Consider this--around the world today, most of the highly qualified, educated, and certified individuals are working for an entrepreneur. No single organization of any kind or any size anywhere in the world would exist without the deployment of entrepreneurialism at the helm.

When you look at the non entrepreneurial driven agendas organizations, like major national or global public or non-profit organizations, you will find that they are openly committed to zero risk taking. Innovative excellence has little or no value and these organizations as they operate strictly by the book which were written by their predecessors and represent the 'standstill' philosophy of decades ago.

These organizations don't see a reason to explain their crawl speed to change and global age standard are not even part of their vocabulary. These organizations have become the dinosaurs of the period. They need help and very badly.

Entrepreneurial chaos is great things in the making; it's transparent and may seem reckless thinking, but this is what it takes to create stuff for the legends.

Lucky are the people who step forward and play the game; fortunate are the companies which open the arena for the innovators because the rest are spectators who stand by and watch.

If this latent force is so powerful, then why wouldn't nations clearly identify the true reasons of their existence among their populace, tabulate, calibrate and deploy entrepreneurial "stuff" in order to maximum efficiency?

Mentorian Worldwide will discuss such topics in the 2016 Forum

Entrepreneurial Manifesto For Nations
With hundred of countries in the race of innovative excellence and image supremacy of performance, few are scratching surface of entrepreneurism. Why?

It is time for nations to deploy national agendas on super-entrepreneurialism, fully optimize the global age 'technocalamity', and open unlimited opportunities for their citizenry. It is essential that this be completed in the true entrepreneurial way, with global thinking, knowledge and execution.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

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Naseem Javed

Naseem Javed, a corporate philosopher and founder of the Image Supremacy Movement is a world recognized authority on global digital trends, image complexities how they impact business performances and create global age skill shifts. Mentorian Worldwide his new project on entrepreneurial leadership development is getting global attention.

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