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My Boss Has A Habit Of Calling Me At Odd Hours & Holidays To Discuss Work. People Who Have Complained About It Earlier Had Been Shunned Aside During Appraisals. I Don’t Want To Rebel. But At The Same Time, It’s Hurting My Sanity. What Should I do?

I am thinking about leaving the company just because of this reason. But this is a good company and I love my job. I am in a dilemma

Manish Puri, Business Consultant & Coach

Two ways to do this, pick one on the basis of what you like:
1. Don’t take calls at odd hours and next day- say: “I am sorry I missed your call. As per my work ethic, I switch off work to make time for my personal priorities and hence don’t entertain any work-related matters beyond X PM. Tell me Sir, what did you want to talk about?” If he tries to talk you into taking calls beyond work hours, politely decline in light of your personal priorities.
2. Sit him down and explain why and how you don’t appreciate being called at odd hours.
I recommend method 1

Divya Nagpal, Life coach and Executive Coach

Please revisit the earlier received calls and classify if those communications required urgent calls? Please have an authentic communication with your manager, regarding the challenges and impact on your personal priorities, arising out of receiving calls at odd hours. Acknowledge what you have gained, out of your working with him. Listen to him. Do not blame him. Invite him to frame some communication rules, which are beneficial mutually and for the company. E.g. differentiate work on parameters –urgency and importance. Urgent & important communication requiring immediate work, may require a call or message. A sms is sufficient for urgent and important communication, needing working the next day. Sms is sufficient also for important and not so urgent communication. Always remember to acknowledge the receipt of his message. Refrain from complaining about him. Gossip has a different character and impact. Any indulgence in the same will effect your time and productivity. Remember authenticity and maturity is key in your communication.