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My Boss Favours My Colleague Over Me & Over Any Other Team Member.This Colleague Sweet Talks The Boss,Does Personal Favours & Goes Out Of His Professional Capacity To Support Him.I Work Hard But Fail To Win Over The Situation.Should I Change My Job?

I feel I am bad with office politics, especially since I abhor it. Can I not excel only through hard work?

Arpita Kuila, Senior HR Professional

If your boss has a bias problem and you feel you are being unfairly treated then there are a few things you can do. You can approach your boss’s manager and try to share your problem if you feel he/she may look on this neutrally and address the issue. You can approach HR in your organisation and talk of your concerns and see if they can intervene or place you in another role in the organisation. If nothing works or if either of the two options mentioned don’t feel suitable given your organisational setup/context then I suggest you do look for another opportunity. If a person has a bias problem it is unlikely to change. He/she will always favour someone or the other and the rest will feel that it is an unfair treatment.

Nidhi Singh, VP- Autobei Consulting Group

Changing job will not serve the purpose. This would be the challenge at every work place. This kind of approach has become nevertheless part and parcel of Corporate culture! Hard work has no replacement yet "doing as the romans do in Rome" would be the optimum strategy to be adopted keeping in mind your limitations to serve the favours to boss!

Amreen Sekhon, Clinical Psychologist, Apollo Hospital

Firstly it is really important to figure whether you are really a victim or all this is just in your head? You need to have a little self talk with yourself and examine whether the person who is being favoured is actually working hard. Also to get a clearer perspective talk to your colleagues and discuss the issue to validate your concerns. Before taking the drastic decision to change your job, talk to your boss and before doing that look for other options i.e. different jobs available incase it doesn't go well with him. When you talk to him, give him evidences where you felt the other colleague was favoured and highlight your job description to support that you are doing everything which the job entails.