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Missionary Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are not self-employed-career-coolies who chase valuation, but leaders who create more leaders to CREATE VALUE

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It is clear that the world as we have known it, is rapidly changing and the harbingers of the next industrial wave are likely to be the startups.

I am sharing insights from my recent talk at the Startup Buddy conclave where I shared about 7 classic mistakes entrepreneurs make, the paradigm-shift for entrepreneurial mind-grind and 11 commandments of missionary-entrepreneurs with nuggets from my book moJOsh Inspirator Mentoring for Entrepreneurs. 

To begin with, the 7 classic mistakes 1) Creating big Valuation! 2) Scaling Up Fast! 3) Me, Myself & I! 4) Must Know Everything! 5) Busy Playing Game! 6) Have Achieved Perfection! 7) Running Fast Tactically!

To sum-up! BUSYNESS IS NOT BUSINESS - Most have NO DIRECTION, but are running very fast without knowing where they want-need to GO! Most are VERY BUSY, doing a LOT, delivering-achieving NOUGHT! 

The 7 Classic Mindset-Alterations - 1) Create Value, Not Just Valuation! 2) Sustainability, before scalability! 3) Don’t squeeze lemons, Build Teams and Relationships-of-Trust with internal and external stakeholders-shareholders 4) You don’t need to know everything, learn to say I don’t know! Listen to your team members for continuous improvement of the mission. You are not a Self-Employed-Coolie to lift all the burden. 5) Don’t JUST PLAY, Change the Game! Let’s get REAL or Let’s NOT PLAY. 6) Encourage Continuous Improvement! Nothing and No one can be perfect. 7) Create a Compelling Culture-Vision!

Leaders Create a Culture of Trust and a Culture of Failure, to encourage all team-members for ground-breaking innovation, ideation and ownership. 

Remember CULTURE BITES STRATEGY in the Backside, anytime, anyday, anywhere!!! 

Understand the power of culture and have a passion for vision. 

Missionary Entrepreneurs co-create with teams an INSPIRING COMPELLING VISION and PATH-BREAKING MISSION with DEARLY OBSESSIVE GOALS (DOGS), that are achievable through an ACCOUNTABLE EXECUTABLE STRATEGY rooted in SHARED-VALUES for making PROACTIVE, POSITIVE CONTRIBUTIONS, to enable people to give their best and continuously EXCEL WITH PASSION!!!

Great Entrepreneurs create Culture and Passion for Vision by living the 11 commandments of Missionary Entrepreneurs. 

1. We have moJO to embrace a proactive, progressive, positive mindset. 

2. We have Josh to grow mindfully through continuous improvement for leading by example. 

3. We are Inspirators who coach human potential to inspire others to improve and grow for building great teams. 

4. We understand our vulnerability in a VUCA world and plan-prepare for transformation. 

5. We seek enlightenment and self-awareness to continually work on our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with integrity, dignity and resourcefulness. 

6. We create a Life-Work-Play super balance to help us excel for being more, doing more and growing more with gratitude, humility and contentment. 

7. We know that perfection is a lie and seek and love learning in every moment with curiosity to continuously improve our knowledge-wisdom with creativity. 

8. We demonstrate the courage to face fear and overcome challenges/ failures, by sticking our necks out for innovation with bravery, perseverance and honesty. 

9. We transcend to rejuvenate and unleash extraordinary heroic potential with zest and humour, in self and others, whose lives we touch. 

10. We develop our conscience, consciousness and empathy for being humane to nurture pathbreaking missions with love, compassion and a life-of-purpose to make long-lasting positive contributions to humanity, society, environment, nation and world.

11. We are proactive-citizens who become the change by example with fairness and individual-social-responsibility for inspiring others to also contribute to the planet, people and profit. 

Entrepreneurs are not self-employed-career-coolies who chase valuation, but leaders who create more leaders to CREATE VALUE. Creating leaders who challenge our thought-process to CREATE VALUE independently. That’s how we build teams based on relationships of trust and transcend beyond the self. 

Remember individual competence-talent can take us to a certain distance, it is a character that takes ONE beyond. Inspire Solid Character to Unleash Potential in self and others. If you want to go fast, go alone if you want to go far, go together. 

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

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Jerry is a management & OD consultant, celebrated inspirational orator, teacher, UN advisor, internationally certified leadership subject matter expert, trainer, Executive coach and an effective, innovative fundraiser and missionary entrepreneur

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