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Learn How Heart-Mind Harmony Leads To Greater Success

Allow yourself the permission to begin practicing today in engaging, following and living from the heart and allowing the mind to be the “worker bee” helping you with task execution

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Wouldn’t it be nice to learn ways to minimize or even eliminate struggle?  Well, here is a sure-fire way to move towards greater ease and greater success in all that we do!  It’s Heart-Mind Harmony.  But first, let us remember what it was that took us into this pattern of struggle to start with.  

We became a society – a race – that prided itself on the power of the brain and the mind.  Well, this is definitely a unique aspect of our human existence that does separate us from others in the animal kingdom.  We have a very adept mind that is capable of powerful thinking.  However, we have gotten stuck “upstairs” in the mind doing and living life by “thinking” our way through life.  We have often neglected to drop into our hearts and feel.  You may ask, “So what is wrong with that?”  

For starters, the conscious thinking mind is now being matched and even surpassed by technology.  So, this alone does NOT separate us from the rest.  But, there is an aspect of the human race that truly stands out not only in the animal kingdom, but can NOT be matched by technology.  It’s our ability to FEEL.  It is our heart’s ability to elicit, enjoy and experience what really sets us apart from all else – it’s our EMOTIONS.  

What would happen and why would it matter if we actually returned to our true essence which involves living life from the HEART and engaging the MIND to execute tasks for us?   What if I told you that magic and miracles would happen if you did this?  What if I shared that there are studies that are showing the power of living from the heart and engaging the mind to assist rather than what society has had backwards now for hundreds of years?

Studies from the HeartMath Institute in California have revealed some amazing scientific data about heart intelligence, heart-mind communication and coherence, and more.  They have conducted extensive research being used by institutions and corporations to improve performance, etc.  They have identified the power of Heart-Mind Coherence or harmony in maximizing success.    

Did you know that the measured electromagnetic field emitted from the heart is far greater than the brain?  In fact, the heart’s electric field is 100x greater than the brain while the heart’s magnetic field is 5000x greater than the brain!  That’s right.  The heart’s magnetic field is 5000x greater than the brain! It would make sense then, that living from our heart would create a more “magnetic” life.  

What does this mean in terms of the workplace?  It means that while the power of the mind is great, the power of the heart is even greater so learn to engage with your “feelings” and “emotions” even when dealing with employees or clients.  Your ability to connect and influence heightens when Heart-Mind harmony is employed.

Allow yourself the permission to begin practicing today in engaging, following and living from the heart and allowing the mind to be the “worker bee” helping you with task execution.  The courage to “feel” even at work will bring you great rewards!  Your co-workers will notice a difference and what you “emit” in the way of healthy emotions, WILL positively impact those around you.  So today, I invite you to feel at least one positive emotion of gratitude, appreciation, joy or peace by remembering something or someone that brings this out in you.  

This emotional, heartfelt presence will raise your vibration, increase your intuition, and offer you tools not only to connect with your co-workers more effectively and deeply, but to FEEL good doing it!

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Shenal Arimilli

The author is BA, MPT, Bio-energetic Consultant and transformational coach

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