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Karmic Blockages

Let us all move fast, towards achieving peace, surrender to the divine as we move to achieve complete karmic expiation and complete release of all karmic blockages

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A human is a composition of free will, feelings and cognition. Every soul on earth is striving to achieve something. Something which gives it complete satisfaction and happiness. Some even go against the laws to achieve what they desire. But human beings are unaware that achieving their desires is not the reason that they are born on earth.

Some achieve their goals with ease, while for others there is constant struggle. The question arises, who has made this disparity? God loves all his creations and would never create such vast differences of rich and poor, healthy and sick, happiness and sadness. It is our very own free will, which has been granted to every soul by the creator that has ended up creating our karmic journey, life journey, through our deeds in various lifetimes. Very few souls on earth understand that and spend most of their life complaining or blaming their failure on others and sometimes even God. Our soul has travelled many lifetimes creating various karmic debts, both positive and negative, which need to be fulfilled. Our soul carries memories of various lifetimes which contribute to forming our habits, our fears, our belief system and how we perceive everything in our present life. Our critical mind constantly works overtime, creating negative thoughts that add to the already created negative karmic debt and blockages, further lowering our vibrations. The aura or the energy field of a body is emitting a particular vibration depending on our karmic pattern, our soul's energy and our thought forms. The universe contributes in a large way, helping and conspiring in achieving our dreams, bringing to us our desires. But the universe only understands the language of vibration, vibrations which we emit. It would be only fair to say that our karmic debts of all lifetimes along with our vibrations create our present reality, our blockages and sufferance.

As the universe is moving its vibrations continuously higher, the power and effect of our vibrations has been magnified manifold. With humongous amount of cosmic energy entering the earth everything seems magnified. The challenge lies in using our free will to uncreate our negative karma, by living through it or by allowing divine intervention to take place which actually has become accessible to humans in present times. Meditation being one of the most powerful tool in today's time to raise our vibrations, calm our critical mind and clean our chakras and soul, hence allowing our aura to start vibrating at a higher and purer level. Every word and thought sent to the universe manifests to create our future. We must be conscious of our thoughts as negative thoughts come naturally and it takes effort to think positive thoughts. Forgiveness again is a strong weapon to unleash negative karma. We must seek and forgive, allow all resentments to leave our system, make our soul lighter. We must smile through our sufferance as the masters are watching our every move. Crossing difficult times without cribbing is a beautiful virtue showing that we take responsibility of our karma, our creation.
Creator and the masters are filling their energies on earth to guide us, intervening in our lives to reduce our sufferance, to expiate our negative karma, but how many of us are receptive to divine intervention?

The end result of every soul journey is to merge with the source, the divine by reaching at its original pure state of existence as it was first created, without any negative karma in its journey. This is one of the most beautiful eras on earth where expiation of souls is moving at an extremely fast pace. The blockage lies in us, in our thinking.

Let us all move fast, towards achieving peace, surrender to the divine as we move to achieve complete karmic expiation and complete release of all karmic blockages.

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Charu Kapur

A natural intuitive blessed with psychic powers who has been practicing healing since 2011 and started working through her own modality called CORE Healing in 2015

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