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Journey To Success Through Failure: Juxtaposed

Great Confucius once said that greatest glory is not in ever falling but in rising every time we fall

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Edison, inventor of electric bulb experimented over 50000 times before successfully executing his idea. Failure is a part of journey to success and the essence is what do you learn from it .The ability to learn from failure and trying to imbibe the changes in behavior is an important aspect. On should not define a self image but constantly ask relevant questions for a change. A CEO can fail to achieve growth in business .He needs to ask the relevant game changing questions ,hire some good people ,come up with the roll out plan with strategic perspective . He constantly needs to validate the game changing idea with the underlying assumptions. As a leader the focus should be to create jobs, expanding the company and constantly working towards the mission of the company.

People management plays a very important role in a journey to success. Training them and equipping them with tools and skills that can drive change at micro level is the starting point. This will increase the moral of the organization and generate better business results for the company. With focus on customers and knowing the true potential of the employees can be critical.

As a leader one should be more discern, reflect on the specific situations and embrace lessons encompassed within the negative outcomes.

Ability to take feedback and from people you trust and work on those to improve is an important aspect of personal and professional journey. To be a legendary leader one needs to be driven by creativity , resourcefulness, imagination and adaptability .A culture of out of box thinking is the essence for organization's longetivity .Acceptability of failure should not encourage the sloppy , substandard performance, error riddled work and failure ridden rewards leading to the absence of growth . Tolerance for failure should be seen as an opportunity for learning within certain time limit.

Falling is not same as being a failure .Successful people thrive on rejection .They pursue success by pushing their limits and trying honestly. Today organization need people who can suggest unusual solutions by taking risks and coming up with unorthodox ideas. There are times when half baked ideas can be modified, refined and developed through appropriate recommendations and investments. According to Thomas J Watson the formula for success is doubling the rate weird ideas and in the process embracing failure and making mistakes .But it is the ability to learn from mistakes and rise is what defines success. Whistin Churchill legendary British Political had undergone myriad failure in his life .He showed his true resilience and leadership during World War 2 when his country needed him most. Persistence is very important for success.

How an individual handles failure is very important in the process of achieving success. Babe Ruth, famous athlete Stuck out 1330 times in his life time trying to hit home run.

Between idea and success there can be a number of events .Failure is the important aspect of invention .With care risk can be minimized but can't be avoided. Hence risk and failure is important in attaining success. There are three important ingredient of success namely Resilience, Invention and Passion

Being disgust, stressed and depressed can be some of the emotions when things don't go well. It is the quality of resilience that helps you to dust yourself, pick up, and get on with things in attaining final goal. It's more than stoically plodding on .Sustaining the passion even under fire, harsh conditions is an important attribute of resilient leaders. Learning is also an important which includes understanding causes without blaming others and understanding systematic environment and underlying factors. Blame game implies an individual is malevolent .Taking a responsibility for success and failure determines the integrity of an individual.

Focused Passion: This encompasses energy, focus and ultimate vision. It is the emotion that focuses on motivation about achieving the future goals which seem ambitious enough but still realistic. Vision gives the direction towards success and helps to focus. With focus there is 100 % attention given to task in hand .It also helps in escaping the tyranny of the urgency. Passion infuses energy which leads to action .When focused there can be exorbitant energy which can be infectious. When others see you working with passion it would motivate them to give their best, stretch their limits which can yield excellent results. Passion leads to success with starts with a small step and it's the motivation that keeps an individual going till he reaches the final destination.

Creative Invention:
Invention generates power for success. Ideation, imagining things that other's have not done, creating unique value proposition are indispensable in the journey of leadership. In business it's not just about inventing innovative products but new business model that can enhance the productivity, profitability and working environment. This can also be extended to life which can be attained through creativity. Invention is creating something for the first time which is not only valuable but also feasible. Every individual is unique be adult or child .In a race to fit in the world where there are conformity of rewards they lose focus about their true creative self. There is an element of social acceptability for invention to be successful. To generate ideas requires focus, Time, Patience and hard work. There should be space and freedom in culture for generating ideas, developing prototypes, nurturing them and rewarding people who come up with extra ordinary ideas that can change the world.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity. They are not intended and should not be thought to represent official ideas, attitudes, or policies of any agency or institution.

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Divakar Prakash

The author is a Strategy Consultant with experience of consulting CEO level executives and key stakeholders in Real Estate , Government, Not for Profit, FMCG and Chemical sectors. Educated at the School of Management ,University of St-Andrews consistently a top ranked institution in Europe at Master's level in business Strategy, Corporate Finance and General Management

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